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TSLN’s Web site redesign launches today

This afternoon, we’re sprucing up our homepage with a makeover that will make it easier to find the news you use and the friends you talk to on our Web site.

The redesigned look will bring you a wider selection of news on our homepage and a new area we call the Member’s Hub, where items you’ve contributed will be in the spotlight.

The Member’s Hub contains a feature you’ll appreciate that shows all of the comments on stories (for the past 5 days) in a single view. The Member’s Hub puts greater emphasis on your photos, your videos and connecting with other members.

The changes are expected to become visible just after 1 p.m. today. Don’t be surprised if things look unusually odd for a period. It may take a while for all servers to switch over, and for your web browser to realize that there are new versions of pages to use. Thank you for your patience while we work to bring you an improved online experience.

Please take a day or two to become familiar with the new design. Then, you’ll find a “feedback” link at the top of all pages, where you can leave comments. We look forward to learning what you think of the changes.

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