UK announces plans sugar tax to reduce childhood obesity |

UK announces plans sugar tax to reduce childhood obesity

The United Kingdom government today announced a plan to reduce childhood obesity by levying a tax on soft drinks, taking 20 percent of sugar out of food products and establishing a voucher program for fruits and vegetables.

“I am pleased pleased the Conservative UK government proposing £60 million national Healthy Start Voucher program for fruits and veggies and milk for low income families in 2017 budget,” said Gus Schumacher, a former Agriculture Department undersecretary who is vice president of Wholesome Wave, a U.S. group that promotes addressing the cost of healthier foods for low income people.

Schumacher is in England and Scotland to give a series of lectures on Wholesome Wave’s activities in the United States, which include the “double bucks” programs that allow U.S. nutrition program beneficiaries to increase their purchases of fruits and vegetables, particularly at farmers markets.

–The Hagstrom Report