Wyatt Fransua
Long Valley, SD 7th grader
These Nebraska ranchers were bringing in cows to prepare for storm "Ulmer." Photo by Linda Teahon

The winds howled with might,

clouds arose brewing.

Snow piled with height,

the rimy renewing.

The calves froze down,

as their livestock start fading.

The ranchers start to frown,

they can only start to wander while waiting.

After the storm, the cold kept the threat delaying,

snow started melting and the water started to roam.

The roads started decaying,

the grass looks, brushed by a condensated comb.

The roads were sulking, demolished and destroyed,

the rocks were piled, as if it was a reconciliation.

Deep in the crevices it looked like a void,

the horrific storm caused much devastation.