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UN – Pandemic causes world hunger to skyrocket

Hunger in developing countries was already growing and the coronavirus pandemic has made it even worse, making it almost impossible to reach the United Nations sustainable development goal on reducing hunger, said a major annual UN State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report, which was released Monday.

“We’re completely off track. When we add to that the situation of COVID-19, it gets significantly worse,” Food and Agriculture Organization Chief Economist Maximo Torero told Devex. “To be on track and to achieve seriously zero hunger, which includes all forms of malnutrition, we clearly need to have access to healthy diets, and today they’re extremely expensive. Three billion people cannot afford them, and they are, of course, the poorest. We need to change that.”

“The coronavirus pandemic will accelerate the five-year-old rise in world hunger and could add as many as 132 million people this year to the global tally of the hungry, an increase of 19%,” the Food and Environment Reporting Network said in an analysis.

–The Hagstrom Report

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