United Ranchers Co-op packing plant groundbreaking, Hot Springs, May 25

The United Ranchers Cooperative will host a groundbreaking for a new packing plant near Hot Springs, South Dakota, May 25, 2022, at 4 pm.

The groundbreaking will be at 28005 Angostura Road and is near the Fall River Feedyard, south of Hot Springs.

Neil Sanders, an Oral native who now works for Parry Angus of Sterling, Colorado, but spends some time near Rapid City, South Dakota, said the cooperative will be composed of stockholders who purchase shares valued at $25,000 per share. No stockholder may purchase more than 5 shares. While some shares have been sold, 36 remain available for purchase. A five-member board of directors oversees the cooperative. In addition to Sanders, the board is composed of Kirk Hall, formerly of Edgemont now of Torrington, Wyo.; Bob Shannon of Edgemont; Harvey Fitzgerald of Buffalo Gap; and Dustin Luper of Hot Springs, reported the Fall River County Herald Star.

For each share a stockholder buys, he or she will be obligated to supply 25 head of cattle which must be fed at Fall River Feedyard for around 90 days, Sanders said. All cattle will be electronically identified and an ultra sound will determine when the cattle are slaughter-ready.

“It’s kind of an intense deal but our marketing premiums we are establishing will make it worthwhile,” he said.

All breeds of cattle are welcome and if cattle grade choice or better, they will be marketed under the URC label “Dakota Territory Beef.”

Sanders said a restaurant procurement director is helping to establish deals with outlets in LA, New York, Miami and other coastal cities.

All the beef will be USDA inspected and the packing plant will also have a store front which will sell beef to local customers.

Sanders said Representative Dusty Johnson is expected to attend the groundbreaking ceremony, along with local officials. Governor Noem and Senators Thune and Rounds are invited.


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