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Unwanted Horse Coalition materials available

WASHINGTON, DC – The Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) continues its efforts to educate the industry about the issues relating to unwanted horses and owning responsibly. The UHC has prepared and distributed a variety of materials that will educate horse owners on various topics. The materials describe the efforts of the coalition, offer alternatives for horse owners to consider for their horses when they can no longer care for them, and detail ways the horse community can get more involved. With the number of unwanted horses increasing, the industry and horse owners must step up their efforts to educate themselves about potential solutions. The materials suggest options an individual or an organization can take so that the number of unwanted horses does not increase.

The following is a list of materials currently offered by the UHC:

• The UHC brochure, The Problem of the Unwanted Horse, which explains the Coalition and its activities.

• The UHC handbook, Own Responsibly: Guidance for current and potential horse owners from the Unwanted Horse Coalition, which includes chapters on the responsibilities of horse ownership; options for owners with unwanted horses; programs that extend the useful lives of horses; questions to ask when trying to place a horse; and the tax ramifications of contributing your horses to a charitable organization.

• “Own Responsibly” flyers, which describe what it means to act responsibly regarding the long-term needs of your horse.

• The 2009 Unwanted Horses Survey, the results of a national survey taken by more than 27,000 horse owners, equine industry stakeholders, rescue and retirement facilities and non-horse owners regarding the issue of unwanted horses, its importance, causes, solutions and effects.

• The UHC handbook, Best Practices: How Your Organization Can Help Unwanted Horses, which details initiatives and activities organizations can undertake to help reduce the number of unwanted horses.

• Rehabilitating the Neglected Horse: A Caregivers’ Guide, a brochure covering basic care for rehabilitating a neglected horse. Subjects include nutrition, farrier care, vaccination and de-worming.

“The UHC hopes that horse owners and breeders will use the materials offered to educate themselves and spread the word about unwanted horses to their colleagues. Once educated about the issues facing unwanted horses, individuals and organizations can help to implement programs that assist horses in need,” said Ericka Caslin, Director of the UHC.

All materials are available for download on the UHC Web site: http://www.unwantedhorsecoalition.org or they can be purchased in hard copy by contacting the UHC. Contact Ericka Caslin at ecaslin@horsecouncil.org or 202-296-4031 for additional information.

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