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Update on Garfield County, Montana fire

Mary Brown and her family of the Mosby and Sand Springs, Montana, area, have lost 400 cattle in the Lodgepole Complex fire that are either missing or dead. Photo by Mary Brown


• Checks can be made to Garfield County Fire Foundation c/o Garfield County Bank PO Box 6, Jordan, MT 59337 (406-557-2201) or send to Circle c/o Redwater Valley Bank, PO Box 60, Circle, MT 59215 (406-485-4782)

• Cash and credit card donations for fuel are accepted at Farmers Union Oil / Cenex in Jordan at 406-557-2215

• Cash and credit card donations for fuel are accepted at B&D in Winnett: 406-429-5291

PIE Fire Assistance Fund for Winnett & Surroundings Areas: is hosting an online auction with many valuable handmade items including paintings, a quilt and much more. Mail to PO Box 16, Winnett, MT 59807.

Editor’s Update: Full story on the Lodgepole Complex fire here.

Tri-State Livestock News is also compiling a list of grazing, feedlots and feed available. Please complete the form here if you have any information relating to this or e-mail us at editorial@tsln-fre.com.


Mary Brown, of LO Cattle Company just south of Highway 200 between Mosby and Sand Springs, Montana, is in the thick of the fire. They have 400+ cattle that are either lost or dead. They are still fighting fire at the north end of their place and at one point it was on every single side of their ranch. She said they are ok on food and water supplies and scared to bring in hay, lest it burn as well. She said the best help is monetary donations in order to help these ranchers begin to rebuild once this is over.

“The only reason our horses are alive, our barn is still standing, our house is still there, is because of our neighbors. There were 14 and 16-year-old kids on the back of trucks holding hoses spraying water. Nobody has slept in days. The people that are here are the ranchers, and they have not stopped working; they have not gotten out of their graders. They are trying desperately to save these ranches. There are people coming from the other side of the county, and it’s a really big county. We saw some people on the road, I met them twice, hauling grain to us. Adam Vogel, Travis’ kindergarten friend and a farmer down in Huntley, Montana, begged for a ride up here for his grader. He has been grading three days and slept in his grader two nights; he’s that good of a friend, that good of a person.”

Brown recommended folks donate through the Garfield County Bank in Jordan, Montana.

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