Update on Britania Mountain Fire

Image of the perimiter of the fire. Photo courtesy Britania Mountain Fire

The Britania Mountain Fire has been 100 percent controlled for several days now. That means there is an effective line around the whole fire. There are, however, several pocket of unburned vegetation inside the perimeter. Local fire crews are no longer patrolling the perimeter, but keeping their eyes out for flare ups and watching for smoke. Most of these will be inside the perimeter.

According to Aimee Binning, Albany County EMA Coordinator, many ranchers lost grass, including fall grazing, fences, corrals and baled/stacked hay. The county emergency coordinators including Binning have contacted the USDA FSA with names of producers in order to help facilitate any assistance that might be available through federal programs, said Binning.

At it’s peak, 650 personnel were on the fire at one time, including at least 79 from local and county departments.

Acres burned: 32,089

State land – 1,916 acres

BLM – 701 acres

Forest Service – 2,082 acres

Private (Albany) 13,674

Private (Platte) – 13,716

Residences burned: 5 – (No primary residences were burned, these were secondary or historical buildings.)

Outbuildings burned: 21

Contact information for those who lost property in the fire.

Albany County:

Aimee Binning, Albany County EMA Coordinator


Sheryl Hunter, USDA FSA, Albany County

307-326-5657 ext 2

Platte County:

Terry Stevenson, Platte County EMA Coordinator

307-322-1356 or 307-331-8521

Pam Metz, USDA FSA, Platte County

307-322-4050 ext 3107

–Britania Mountain Fire, Platte County, Albany County