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Urlacher Angus 2012 Bull Sale

Prairie and Wade Mannetter of Wibaux, MT.

Urlacher Angus, owned by Greg and Mary Urlacher and their family, hosted their biggest crowd ever for their best sale to date.

The Urlacher bulls are two-year-old bulls that are not pushed for big early gains. They are fed to stay sound, and to be active for a long time. After the sale, these bulls will be taken back to the ranch and fed until May, free of charge. At that time, they will be fertility tested and delivered.

The Urlacher breeding program is focused on maternal and growth traits, along with positive carcass traits.

Many repeat buyers were in the seats this year, along with many new faces, that made for a very competitive sale from start to finish.

The top-selling bull of the day honors were shared by several bulls. Lot 8 sold for $6,000 to Reuben and Casey Olson, long-time repeat buyers from Prairie City, SD. The Olson Ranch also brought to the sale 70 commercial heifers that comprised the female offering. All of these heifers were sired by Urlacher bulls. Lot 8 was a son of Millers Freedom B451, out of a daughter of Marcys 95 Supreme 7. He had a 78-pound birth weight, a weaning weight of 670 pounds to ratio 105, and then grew to a yearling weight of 1,158 pounds to ratio 112. His EPDs were BW 4.1, WW 47, Milk 21 and YW 87.

Another $6,000 bull was Lot 9, selling to Bryan Van Orman from Richardton, ND. This bull was a son of Brooks Alliance 4120, and out of a daughter of Connealy Freightliner. With a 76-pound birth weight, he weaned at 621 pounds to ratio 102. He was a recommended heifer bull with EPDs of BW 1.3, WW 45, YW 90 and Milk 22.

The Olson Ranch from Prairie City also purchased Lot 67 for $6,000. He was a son of TC Power Stroke 4118 out of a daughter of Whitestone Widespread MB. His EPDs were: BW 3.9, WW 58, YW 94 and Milk 20.

The 3X Ranch from Buffalo, SD, selected Lot 2 at $6,000. This son of HA Program 5652 was out of a daughter of Connealy Onward, and hit the ground at 74 pounds. He posted EPDs of BW 2.2, WW 56, YW 102 and Milk 25. He weaned at 688 pounds to ratio 108, and had a yearling weight ratio of 105.

Lot 17 sold for $5,750, headed to the Marc Fridley ranch at Taylor, ND. This bull was sired by Quaker Hill Objective 3J15, and was out of a Mytty In Focus daughter. With a 76-pound birth weight, his EPDs stats were BW 1.5, WW 58, YW 103 and Milk 26.

Reuben and Casey Olson also picked up Lot 14 at $5,750. This bull was a son of UA Bouncer 6807, out of a daughter of SDS New Design 216M. With a 77-pound birth weight, he weaned at 680 pounds.

The open commercial heifers were in high demand, with the top draft of 35 heifers selling for $1,275 a head to Dwayne Shypkoski from Belfield, ND.

The Urlacher guarantee is as good as there is in the business. If you get near the Urlacher Ranch next summer, stop by. They are always glad to show you how the cattle are progressing, and you can get a good look at their upcoming prospects for next year’s sale.

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