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U.S. frozen lamb and mutton stocks fall

Huge frozen stocks of lamb and mutton overhung the U.S. market since the summer of 2014. To put those stocks in context, consistently beginning in 2014 the frozen tonnage exceeded one full quarter’s worth of U.S. commercial production. But, that picture has changed, finally. Frozen tonnage in commercial facilities is provided monthly in the NASS Cold Storage report, the latest data were as of the end of November 2016. NASS does not break-out the source or type of lamb and mutton, but indications were that much of the huge stockpile was imported product.

s of the end of November, frozen lamb and mutton was reported to be down 51 percent from a year ago and declined 26 percent month-over-month. Stocks have been declining in each NASS report since the end of July 2016. That is an important market adjustment and may indicate some improvement in consumer demand during late 2016.

–American Sheep Industry

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