USCA Comments on Speculated Timeline for Brazil exports |

USCA Comments on Speculated Timeline for Brazil exports

The United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) commented last week on the statement made by Rabobank regarding the suspected timeline in which Brazil will be granted access to the U.S. for its fresh beef exports.

The comments made focus on the projected timeline in which full access will be granted, which as noted in several statements is yet to be confirmed. Differing reports suggest vastly different timelines as some still expect market access to be achieved in the next three months while others project the end of 2016 as a more realistic benchmark.

USCA President Danni Beer commented, “USCA has consistently opposed the opening of U.S. markets to Brazil beef products. Unfortunately, given the decision made by USDA APHIS this past June, our markets will soon be open to Brazil. Given this week’s BSE scare in France, the issue is again at the forefront of conversations. USCA has based all of our comments and statements made thus far on issues of trade with one thing in mind, maintaining the safety of our domestic herd.”

“Rabobank’s comments focus not only on the projected timeline for Brazil market access, but also the potential ramifications to the Australian beef export market to the U.S. that will come as a result. t is worth noting that Australia is monitoring this timeline as closely as U.S. producers. Australian shipments of beef to the U.S. continue to rise, something that could be severely hampered once Brazil gains access.”

“The significance of the U.S. market to beef producers across the globe only continues to increase. As we experience greater amounts of beef exports to the U.S., the issue of labeling and origin information is once again front and center. There is confusion in the marketplace now and the issues raised this week will only compound matters further.”

Beer concluded, “USCA will look to gain more information on any projected or confirmed date for market access. Our members remain concerned on this issue and we will continue to update producers across the country as this issue evolves.”

USCA submitted official comments opposing any change in designation which would allow for such exports to resume when the proposed rule change was first published in 2014, USCA’s comments may be found here. USCA issued an official statement on June 30, 2015 following the decision by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) to allow for importations of fresh beef products into the United States from regions in South America, the statement may be found here.