USCA member Gino Pedretti wins Nutra-Lix saddle |

USCA member Gino Pedretti wins Nutra-Lix saddle

Gino Pedretti, Saddle Winner, with Gino Pedretti, Jr. and Jon Wooster. Photo courtesy USCA

The bond between Nutra-Lix, Inc. and the United States Cattlemen’s Association has been forged over a long period of time. For the past several years, Nutra-Lix has marked this relationship with the drawing of a Nutra-Lix custom saddle for the USCA membership drive at the Montana Agri-Trade Exhibition (MATE) in Billings, Montana. The MATE has grown into the largest agricultural tradeshow in the region and thousands of people attend the show each year so it is a fitting venue for the drawing.

Nutra-Lix has been in business for almost thirty years selling liquid supplement to ranchers in an area that spans several states. Their business is beef, and it is only natural that they would partner with USCA. Each year they choose from the pool of USCA membership names to draw for a custom made saddle.

The lucky saddle winner this year is Gino Pedretti of Pedretti Herefords. Gino and his wife Mona live in El Nido, CA where they have built up a family run business. Our Past President, Jon Wooster, was able to catch up with Gino there and present him with this beautiful, custom-made saddle.

Gino got his start early in the beef business. He started milking cows on his father’s dairy when he was nine years old. His Registered Hereford herd was started just a few years later as an FFA project when his dad helped him buy two registered heifers. Over the years he built up the herd that was to become the Pedretti Ranches Registered Hereford operation while also working the family dairy and building up their farming operations.

Gino said it took years to build his registered cattle operation. He uses two calving seasons, spring and fall, and calves out his heifers at 2.5 years. He believes in rapid generation turnover and replaces about a third of his cows each year.

Pedretti Herefords started out using Domino Prince breeding but then in 1974 switched over to Line 1 breeding, with the purchase of CL1 Domino 380 from the Cooper-Holden sale. In 1976, they purchased 40 females from the heart of the Ankony herd, which were Miles City Line 1 bred cattle from the Jack Cooper herd. The rest is history. Gino considers performance the single most important trait in any cattle and his program stresses weaning and yearling weights.

While Gino and his family have sold semen and bulls to 25 states and to Korea and Uruguay, his main objective is to supply good performance tested range ready bulls for the commercial cow man.

Gino joined USCA because he believed in what the organization was trying to do and he wanted to lend his support.

Gino was quick to note that his is a family run operation. His wife Mona is an integral part of making things work. Daughters Chris Brinlee and Kim St. Pierre keep the office running, son-in-law Mark St. Pierre works the cattle end of the operation, and Gino Pedretti, Jr. (Corky) helps his dad with all aspects of the business. The Pedretti grandchildren also do their share of the work and there are two great-grandchildren and two on the way to keep this ranch a busy place. They keep tabs on each other and what is going on by having a weekly Monday morning family breakfast to plan out their week.

The Nutra-Lix saddle is a beauty. Chances are Gino won’t wear it out but it looks like there is a long line of people waiting to use it.

–U.S. Cattlemen’s Association