President of USCA visits White House to discuss trade |

President of USCA visits White House to discuss trade

WASHINGTON — United States Cattlemen’s Association President Kenny Graner on June 15 was invited by Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) to the White House for a meeting with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. President Graner joined a delegation of ranchers and farmers from North Dakota to discuss international trade issues and impacts to U.S. agriculture.

USCA President Kenny Graner stated the following:

“The meeting with Commerce Secretary Ross was highly encouraging and I appreciate both he and Congressman Cramer for taking the time to meet with agriculture stakeholders directly. U.S. cattle producers continue to face unbalanced trade standards in the international marketplace and the Secretary outlined several steps that the Administration is taking to address some of the ongoing issues.

“USCA is continuing our work in addressing U.S. beef access to international markets and maintaining needed safeguards and snap back provisions in any new trade deal entered into. Specifically, as the NAFTA negotiations continue, USCA has urged for the reestablishment of a country-of-origin labeling program to be included in any agreement signed, as U.S. cattle producers across the country won’t declare the renegotiation efforts a success unless our product is accurately labeled.

“USCA appreciates the leadership of Congressman Cramer and Secretary Ross in addressing necessary agriculture concerns and opportunities as we look to the future of trade. It’s time to shake things up and secure a better deal, and that’s exactly what this Administration is doing.” F