USDA: Deadline for ‘actively engagaged in farming’ compliance extended to July 1 |

USDA: Deadline for ‘actively engagaged in farming’ compliance extended to July 1

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced that USDA is extending the deadline for recording farm organization structures related to “actively engaged in farming” determinations from June 1 to July 1.

USDA issued the extension in response to farmers and ranchers who requested more time to comply, and to assure that everyone has enough time to provide their information under the new rules, Vilsack said in a news release.

“Most farming and ranching organizations have been able to comply with the actively engaged rule,” said Vilsack. “This one-time extension should give producers who may still need to update their farm structure information the additional time to do so.”

USDA noted that the 2014 farm bill provided the secretary with the direction and authority to amend the actively engaged in farming rules related to management. The final rule established limits on the number of individuals who can qualify as “actively engaged” using only management. Only one payment limit for management is allowed under the rule, with the ability to request up to two additional qualifying managers operations for large and complex operations.

The rule does not apply to farming operations comprised entirely of family members.

The rule also does not change the existing regulations related to contributions of land, capital, equipment or labor, or the existing regulations related to landowners with a risk in the crop or to spouses.

Producers that planted fall crops have until the 2017 crop year to comply with the new rules. The payment limit associated with Farm Service Agency farm payments is generally limited annually to $125,000 per individual or entity.

–The Hagstrom Report