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UW Extension videos tackle drought management

Videos discussing drought management options for ranchers are meant to challenge producers to think about the right courses that fit their individual operations, said the University of Wyoming Extension educator who posted them to YouTube.

Suggestions are compiled from drought management and ranch management workshops and sessions, said Dallas Mount, based in Platte County and serving southeast Wyoming.

The three videos are at bit.ly/ranchdrought. The management options are applied to an example ranch.

“The suggestions we come up with for our example ranch are not necessarily the right courses; we are not recommending courses,” Mount said. “They are meant for ranchers to consider their options and think them through.”

The videos examine selling cattle, a complete liquidation and relocating cattle until the drought breaks.

“It’s an evaluation of the options,” he said. “Ranchers can gain a methodology in their thought processes to look at their own operations and start making the decisions that work best for them from an informed point of view.”

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