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UW students can access Wi-Fi in county extension office parking lots

University of Wyoming students facing internet difficulties to access online courses can utilize Wi-Fi in parking lots of UW Extension offices across the state.

Parking lot Wi-Fi is being offered in 14 counties and the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Extension director Kelly Crane said Wi-Fi access in parking areas is often provided through cooperative agreements with county commissioners. UW closed its Laramie campus to the public in mid-March following spring break and required all courses be offered online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our students with limited connectivity are mostly able to access email, but not videos, both synchronous and asynchronous (recorded),” said Warrie Means, associate dean and director of the Office of Academic and Student Programs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “Of course, some have limited or no cellular service.”

The Wi-Fi and contact information is available by going to http://www.uwyo.edu/uwe and clicking on the “UW Extension Parking Lot Wi-Fi Availability” link under “UW Extension during COVID-19.”

Access to extension facilities is restricted due to COVID-19 mitigation measures, and students will not be able to access extension offices or other facilities.

“If students have questions or require a password for Wi-Fi access, they are encouraged to call the respective county extension office, or e-mail the UW Extension county coordinator listed,” said Crane. “UW Extension is happy to support our students.”

For specific information on how COVID 19 is affecting UW and for resources for students, staff and faculty, see http://www.uwyo.edu/shser/corona-virus.html.

County, contact information, location, and if a password is required:

Big Horn County – Gretchen Gasvoda-Kelso, gasvoda@uwyo.edu, 307-568-4160, 208 S. 5th

St., Basin

Converse County – Leah Roberts, lrober23@uwyo.edu, 307-358-2417, 1839 Madora Ave., Suite

4, Douglas

Fremont County /Lander – Alex Malcolm, amalcolm@uwyo.edu, 307-332-2363, 130 Eugene

St., password required

Fremont County/Riverton – Alex Malcolm, amalcolm@uwyo.edu, 307-857-3654, 814 S.

Federal Blvd., password required

Goshen County – Megan Brittingham, mbritten@uwyo.edu, 307-532-2436, 4516 U.S. Highway

26/85, Torrington

Hot Springs County – Barton Stam, brstam@uwyo.edu, 307-864-3421, 328 Arapahoe,


Laramie County – Julie Daniels, jdaniel6@uwyo.edu, 307-633-4383, available via LCCC, 1400

E. College Dr., Pathfinder Building, Cheyenne

Lincoln County/Afton – Shar Perry, hunsaker@uwyo.edu, 307-885-3132, 150 S.

Washington St.

Lincoln County/Kemmerer – hunsaker@uwyo.edu, 307-828-4091, 215 Hwy. 233

Niobrara County – Denise Smith, desmith@uwyo.edu, 307-334-3534, 4080 U.S. Highway 20,


Platte County – Stacy Buchholz, stacy@uwyo.edu, 307-322-3667, 57 Antelope Gap Rd.,


Sublette County – Megan Smith, sublette@uwyo.edu, 307-367-4380, 9660 Hwy. 191, Pinedale

Sweetwater County – Marty Henry, mgiffor2@uwyo.edu, 307-352-6775, 2500 College Dr., via

WWCC, Rock Springs

Teton County – Mary Martin, mmmartin@uwyo.edu, 307-733-3087, 255 West Deloney,


Uinta County – Bridger Feuz, bmfeuz@uwyo.edu, 307-783-0570, 228 9th St., Evanston,

password required

Washakie County – Amber Armajo, amwall@uwyo.edu, 307-347-3431, 1200 Culbertson Ave.,


Wind River Reservation – Amanda Hitshew-Small, ahitshew@uwyo.edu, 307-332-2135, Frank

Wise Building 3 Ethete Rd., Fort Washakie

–UW Extension

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