Vaccine recall, Clancy’s fundraiser, and other good/bad news |

Vaccine recall, Clancy’s fundraiser, and other good/bad news

For the May 15, 2010 edition of Tri-State Livestock News.

By the time you read this, it’s supposed to be sunny and warm. I hope they’re right! We have had some lovely moisture, the ground is saturated, the creeks are running and it sure looks like spring. Well, it did until it started snowing this morning.

Well, let’s slick the snow out of our saddles, step on and go make our circle. Might be a hump in my horse’s back this morning – he hasn’t been warm in days.

I want to share a quick addition to the Kentucky Derby story about Super Saver. His co-owner and breeder, Bill Casner of WinStar Farms, Versailles, KY, also has a ranch in Texas and is an avid team roper. He ropes the USTRA ropings and is pretty good at it. He’s actually a native Texas ranch boy, so, it just makes me like that Super Saver won the Derby a little more.

Here’s a heads up if you have or are going to vaccinate your horse for West Nile. Intervet Inc. (Shering-Plough Animal Health) is doing a voluntary recall of all PreveNile W. Nile Vaccines in the seriel and dose presentations. There have been some unspecified problems related to the vaccine, so don’t use it. If you have used it and have had a problem, call them at 866-349-3497.

Don’t forget the fundraiser for little Clancy Goebel to be held at the Seven Down Arena near Spearfish, SD on May 22 in conjunction with the 4D Barrel Race. There will be a silent auction and they have some great items donated for it. They can always use more, so contact Lorita at 605-642-1940 or Sunday at 605-641-2103 if you need to know what will be there or where to drop yours off.

Speaking of barrels, congrats to young Reata Hoar and Ms Shoo Bug on winning the Open 1D on Saturday at the big Rocky Mountain Super Race Barrel Race in Colorado Springs, CO on May 7-9. She’s a little girl running against the ladies, and is one great rider and competitor, no matter her age and size. She’s the daughter of Stuart and Samantha Hoar of PineBluffs, WY, and the granddaughter of Darrell and Jo Hoar of Black Hawk, SD. Her grandpa probably won’t ever find the buttons he popped off his shirt over her success!

The Dash and Dance Barrel Super Series at Seven Down Arena will be held on the second weekends of June, July and August. The first one will be June 11-13 with a 4D and Dash and Dance Open Futurity. Great money added to the events, with a big bonus for any horse winning by Sitnal Livestocks great studs Dashing With Cash and Dancingrightpastya. Call for more info at 605-578-3518.

Coming up right away is the Steer Roping School that Ora and Ralph Taton will be putting on at Rapid City, May 21-23. This should be a great school for both the roper and the horse, as there will be training for both. Call Ora at 605-484-2131.

Montana Horses Photography Expedition is coming up June 4-6 at the Mantle Ranch of Three Forks, MT. If you are interested in serious photography, especially that of horses and related subject matter, this would be a great time for you. Award winning photographers Stephanie Adriani and Val Westover will be the instructors and the setting will be the Mantle Ranch and the country around there, which is just beautiful. Call 406-285-3541 or email for more info.

Also in Montana, but not good news, is the confirmation of two cases of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) in Gallatin County. Both cases were discovered during routine Coggins testing for out of state transport. EIA is either fatal to the horse or they become a silent carrier for it. There hadn’t been a case since 2007. It’s a viral disease spread by biting (blood sucking) insects, contaminated needles or surgical instruments, and via the placenta. There is no vaccine to prevent it and no treatment once a horse shows illness. Clinical signs include: intermittent fever, depression, progressive weakness, weight loss, edema (fluid under the skin or in body cavity) and anemia. Most EIA is found east of the Mississippi, but it has been showing up in the west more frequently. It’s not an emergency situation, but certainly demonstrates the necessity for Coggins testing. Both infected horses were euthanized.

I’ve also heard of more than the usual cases of rabies in horses in the western states. We all vaccinate our pets (or should) but few people vaccinate their horses against it, or even know you can. There is a good vaccine to prevent rabies in horses and would sure be worth the investment for horses that you are handling frequently. Horses are nosey critters and are famous for nosing something around that intrigues them (like rattle snakes, porcupines, skunks, etc.). Rabies is most commonly spread by skunks, raccoons, fox and most other warm blooded animals, including bats. Once a horse has it, they must be put down as there is no treatment or cure for rabies. Be alert for animals, domestic or wild, that just aren’t acting right. Nocturnal animals out in the daytime, any animal acting unusually tame or aggressive, horses or cattle that are drooling, hypersensitive to light and noise, dopey, and unsteady should all be viewed with suspicion. Body condition isn’t always a tipoff either, as a healthy looking animal (shiny and fat) can actually be actively carrying rabies.

Here’s a little advice for free: if they’re drooling, don’t go pawing around in their mouth trying to figure out what’s making them drool. Perhaps they really do have something stuck in their mouth or throat, but why take a chance? Any odd behavior should be reported to a capable vet. If you have to shoot something that you suspect is rabid, don’t damage the head, as they need the brain for testing in the event that someone was exposed to the saliva of the animal.

Mark June 12 on your calender for the Full House Elite Performance/Stock Horse Sale at Newcastle, WY’s Weston County Fairgrounds. Craig and Jolene Devereaux, along with Jill and Brian Pischke are hosting the sale. There’s a ranch horse competition for the sale horses and a preview on June 11. Call Craig 307-746-5690 or Jill at 307-746-9477 if you need more info or a catalog.

The gumbo has sure taken the snort and shiver out of my horse, so I will pull up for now. Hope the grass is green and growing at your place and that the weather will let some folks get their calves branded before long.

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