Van Newkirk Herefords 38th Annual Bull & Female Sale |

Van Newkirk Herefords 38th Annual Bull & Female Sale

A full house was on hand for Van Newkirk Herefords 38th annual bull and female sale Monday, Jan. 17 at the ranch near Oshkosh, NE. Auctioneer Lex Madden kept the sale moving at a quick pace, selling more than 230 head of top quality Hereford cattle in less than three hours.

The Van Newkirk family welcomed the capacity crowd along with a record number of bidders on Superior RFD TV.

Powell Herefords of Ft. McKavitt, TX, topped the sale at $17,500 for Lot 41, an incredibly thick, deep-bodied, well-balanced 7100 son carrying tremendous carcass figures and great eye appeal.

CK Ranch of Brookville, KS, paid $12,500 for Lot 54, a half brother to the top bull out of a Dakota-bred dam. This bull featured outstanding performance and carcass figures.

Carmichael Herefords of South Dakota selected Lot 16, a long, thick 4149 son for $9,000.

Other high selling lots include:

Lot 37, an Axton son, sold to Hall, TX for $9,000.

Lot 86, an Axton son, sold to Skrdla in Nebraska for $9,000.

Lot 56 sold to Fick in Missouri for $8,600.

Lot 1 sold to Hall in Texas for $8,500. The Halls also picked up Lot 65 for $7,500.

Bull calf Lot 115 sold to Ostrand in Nebraska for $8,100.

Lot 48 sold to Hermann in South Dakota for $7,500. Hermanns also picked up Lot 127 for $7,200.

Lot 61 sold to Warren Livestock in Wyoming for $7,500.

Lot 82 sold to Scivally in Texas for $6,750. They also purchased Lot 97 for $6,400.

Lot 113 sold to Irwin Livestock in Wyoming, for $6,500.

Lot 81 sold to Wemhoff in Nebraska for $6,400.

Top heifer calf sold to Roe in Idaho for $1,900.

Cattle sold into 13 different states. Volume buyers were Scivally of Texas Campbell of Nebraska, each buying six head.

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