Van Newkirk Herefords 49th Annual Sale

TSLN Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: Jan. 17, 2022

Location: Oshkosh, NE

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


71 Yearling bulls: – $9,697.18

142 2 yr old bulls: $11,450

80 Open Hereford heifer calves – $1597.50/ head

3 loads of F 1 Baldy heifer calves – $1,405/head

It was a sunny beautiful day for a bull sale in Oshkosh, NE. The Van Newkirk family had a great offering of bulls and commercial females. The crowd for sale went to the rafters in the stands. The bulls sold to 20 different states and Canada. The top 15 bulls were out of 12 different sires in the offering.

Top Yearling bulls:

Lot 215 UU Dupuyer 1211J -Stangle Herefords Marsland NE- $20,000

Lot 200 UU Belgrade 1163J- Stuber Herefords ND & Hoffman Ranch NE -$19,500

Lot 195 UU Kingsley 1153J Harrell Hereford Ranch OR-$17,000

Lot 220 UU Laredo 1232J Jolly- Missouri-$17,000

Lot 170 UU Hulett 1015J Knott Livestock CO-$14,500

Lot 165 UU Laredo 1019J Knippling Bros SD -$13,000

Lot 166 UU Kingsley 1086J Behm Hereford ND-$13,000

Lot 167 UU Sundance 1055J Boehnke Hereford ND $13,000

Top 2 yr olds:

Lot 161 UU Commander 0582H Jolly MO- $22,000

Lot 1 UU Hulett 0145H JLB Ranch KS- $16,500

Lot 25 UU Kingsley 1021H Rafter Double U Ranch Red Deer AB- $16,500

Lot 92 UU Trident 0396H Ratjen TX -$16,500

Lot 21 UU Bakken 0096H JLB Ranch- $15,500

Lot 61 UU Husker 0279H Cody & Kayla Cone NE -$15,500

Lot 31 UU Trident 0152H Rihn WI- $15,000

Lot 42 UU Quinter 0219H King NE- $15,000

Lot 1 bull comes in the sale ring the start of a great sale day for the Van Newkirk Family.
A beautiful morning as people sort through a deep set of 2yr. old and yearling bulls.
The crowd settled in with the stands packed for the start of the sale.

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