Van Newkirks Herefords 50th Annual Bull Sale |

Van Newkirks Herefords 50th Annual Bull Sale

Joe VanNewKirk (left).
Joe VanNewKirk (left).

TSLN Rep: Jake St. Amant

Date of Sale: Jan. 16, 2023
Location: Oshkosh, NE
Auctioneer: Joe Goggins and Greg Goggins

79 yearling bulls Avg. $10,231
162 -2 year old bulls Avg. $10,265
47 Comm open Hereford heifers Avg. $1,850
Top open Baldy heifers $1750

With a extremely large crowd on hand every seat was filled with standing room only . 
There was a small break in the winter weather for people to get here and get home safely. By Wednesday morning (36 hours after the sale) there was over 12” of fresh snow, the roads were closed and it was still snowing.

Bulls sold to 22 states and Canada.
9 different herd sires are represented in the top 15 bulls sold.

Lot 238 UU Big Sky 2232 sold to Stangle Herefords NE $42,000 
Lot 184 UU Dupuyer 2144 sold to Jolly MO $30,000
Lot 104 UU Hulett 1302 Sold to Redbird ranch TX $25,000
Lot 235 UU Dupuyer 2229 Sold to Knippling Bros SD $21,500
Lot 236 UU Dupuyer 2230 Sold to L Bar W Herefords MT $21,000
Lot 50 UU Laredo 1210 sold to Williams Cattle LA $21,000
Lot 185 UU Dupuyer 2172 Sold to Boehnke Herefords ND $20,000
Lot 168 UU Kingsley 1536 Sold to Ratjen TX $20,000
Lot 16 UU Belgrade 1044 Sold to Christopher MO $19,000
Lot 237 UU Dupuyer 2231 Sold to Rafter Double U Red Deer Co AB $18,000
Lot 5 UU Belgrade 1006 Sold to Streiff-T-Bone Ranch NE $18,000
Lot 187 UU Kingsley 2105 Sold to Dudley Bros TX $17,500
Lot 204 UU Dupuyer 2121 Sold to Fred Baker IL $17,500
Lot 146 UU Conrad Sold to Cody Cone NE $17,000
Lot 1 UU Belgrade 1057 Sold to Carmichael Herefords SD $17,000
Lot 46 UU Stetson 1195 Sold to Chris Gentry NE $17,000

The crowd was big.
The crowd was big.
VanNewKirk bulls enjoying some sun.
VanNewKirk bulls enjoying some sun.
Joe VanNewKirk (left).
Joe VanNewKirk (left).
A curly-haired boy in the ring.
A curly-haired boy in the ring.