Vanessa Ternes: Miss Rodeo South Dakota newsletter |

Vanessa Ternes: Miss Rodeo South Dakota newsletter

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Miss Rodeo South Dakota Vanessa Ternes |
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Hello and greetings from Miss Rodeo South Dakota! As January came to a close, I was given the unique opportunity to represent rodeo at the semi-professional Rush hockey game to promote the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. The Sutton family invited me to appear at the game during their specialty jersey night. I loved this opportunity to represent rodeo in a different setting because I was able to reach new groups of people and help them to become rodeo fans. There was a roping contest, a best dressed cowboy/cowgirl contest, and a an auction for the specialty Black Hills Stock Show jerseys. I had the fun chance to ride the Zamboni before signing autographs for rodeo fans. The event and picture of my Zamboni ride were featured in the official publication of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association, the PSN! Thank you to Kim Sutton and family for making that fabulous night possible.

The Black Hills Stock Show is a tradition that I have always looked forward to since I was a little girl. It has something for everyone, from a great trade show, to stallion row, to exciting rodeos. I enjoy watching the tradition of families coming together for the premiere event of the winter. During the week of the stock show, I was able to speak at elementary schools and visit children at the Rapid City Regional Hospital. Many other state queens were able to represent at the Stock Show and were entertained by seeing Mt. Rushmore and a tour of Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold Jewelry, home of the Miss Rodeo America crown. Thank you to Jerry Luckett for making all of those activities possible. My favorite part of the Stock Show were the fantastic rodeos; I enjoyed not only the PRCA Silver Tour Rodeos but also the ranch rodeo. PRCA stock contractors and the Sutton family put on very entertaining and successful rodeos over the weekends.

I developed a new appreciation for stock contractors as I had a unique behind the scenes look at all of the hard work that they put into the production of a PRCA rodeo. I now know why they produce such a thrilling night of fun that is for the whole family. The presentation at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for Jim Sutton was well deserved because of all the advances and opportunities he has given rodeo.

Also during the Black Hills Stock Show, I hosted a Miss Rodeo South Dakota Queen Clinic where Miss Rodeo America, past Miss Rodeo South Dakotas, and I taught ladies of all ages about the fundamental areas of rodeo pageants and how to apply those useful skills to everyday life. We had a great turnout. I loved being able to inspire the next generation of rodeo queens!

This month I was so thrilled to receive some very useful items from my new sponsor, Dan Post Boots. What a great opportunity to represent rodeo with hand crafted, stylish fashion statements. I met the Dan Post representative in Las Vegas this year at the National Finals Rodeo. Thank you Greg Hensley for the trendsetting boots – you make us cowgirls look good! Another new generous sponsor is Trimac Trucking of Rapid City, SD. I met with them over the Black Hills Stock Show and was so impressed with their company and friendly people. They invited me to a customer appreciation dinner where I had a great time mingling and signing autographs. Gene Williams allowed me this great sponsorship, thank you.

What do you think about when you hear the words oranges, alligators and silver spurs?! From Feb. 17-20, I had the honor to represent South Dakota at the Silver Spurs PRCA Rodeo in warm Kissimmee, FL. Laura Kessler planned many great activities to keep us busy and very entertained. One of the highlights of speaking at an elementary school was when first graders thanked us for coming to their school by drawing pictures of their favorite rodeo queen and horses; it truly touched my heart. I had the pleasure of staying at the host home of Laura Kessler’s mom, Sharon Hudson. I was able to experience true southern hospitality as she opened her home to me. I loved my time in Florida as I went alligator watching on an air boat, hunted for hogs in the swamp, tried fried frog legs and gator tail, enjoyed the sun and sand at Cocoa Beach, and rode my first large roller coaster at Universal Studios. All I can say is ‘Wow, what a great experience!’ The Silver Spurs Rodeo was great; it incorporated the fast-paced sport of rodeo with family fun where rodeo fans enjoyed autograph signings and carnival rides after the rodeo.

I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to represent South Dakota’s sport.

God Bless,

Vanessa Ternes,

Miss Rodeo South Dakota

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