Vet touts benefits of modified-live virus vaccines |

Vet touts benefits of modified-live virus vaccines

“Cattle producers who aren’t using modified-live virus (MLV) vaccines on their operations can be missing out on profits and reproductive protection,” said Tim Dawson, DVM, a Cheyenne, Wyoming, large animal veterinarian. To him, the safety, efficacy against reproductive diseases and duration of immunity offered by MLV vaccines is demonstrated in research and his 30 years of practice.

“Some 99 percent of my clients with 70,000 head of cattle are using a MLV vaccine program, and our success has been very good,” Dr. Dawson said. “The MLV vaccine program sets cattle up to have an immunity to disease, and it helps them stay efficient moving into the next production phase.”

Unlike most killed vaccines, MLV vaccines offer reproductive and fetal protection, so clinical disease can be prevented in both the cow and the calf. That’s good for business — ensuring cows get bred and stay pregnant.

Dr. Dawson encourages producers to work with their veterinarian to fully understand the label instructions for MLV vaccines. Not following the label as instructed has consequences, he explained, but the reproductive rewards from correctly implementing MLV vaccines are second to none.

“Consider the efficacy and duration of immunity,” Dr. Dawson said. “Today, we only need to treat maybe half a percent of animals previously vaccinated with MLV vaccines. That helps manpower, performance, value, and it’s what we’ve come to expect by integrating MLV vaccines into these cow herds.”