Vet’s Voice by Dave Barz: Summer activities and parasite control |

Vet’s Voice by Dave Barz: Summer activities and parasite control

What a great summer after that questionable spring. What a difference several months and some timely rains can make. It is easy to recognize the difference in the crops, pastures and livestock. Hay bales are plentiful and prices are dropping. This should decrease your cost of production in our cow-calf herds. Hopefully we can get our cost per cow-calf pair well under $2 per day this year.

Flies have been a real problem this year. Spraying has been helping, but requires repeated application. If you have a need to roundup your herd (pinkeye treatment, foot rot problems, early pregnancy detection, first round of fall vaccinations), we recommend you pour them with a good fly product. These have been working well in spite of all the rains and most products have no slaughter withholding. No matter what you are doing to your herd don’t neglect parasite control.

SDSU will kick-off the “Send a Cow to College” program on July 31 in Mitchell. This program gives every producer in South Dakota a chance to invest in the future of SDSU, the future of the cattle industry, and the future of our children and grandchildren. This new unit is essential to replace the antiquated unit which partially burned in 2011. Insurance by no means covered the loss, and construction prices increase yearly. Repeated attempts at funding through the S.D. Legislature have failed and it appears to be up to us, citizens interested in the future of the South Dakota cattle industry to help fund the new unit. All the sale barns in South Dakota and some neighboring states are willing to facilitate the program. The Cattleman’s and Stockgrowers Associations both understand the importance of the unit and support this program.

The process is simple. Cattlemen willing to support this cause should complete a Deed of Gift form that is available at their sale barn of choice. This transfers ownership of the cow or cows to the SDSU Foundation and relieves cattlemen of any tax consequences for the value of the animals donated to the campaign. That’s all there is to it. You can also receive copies of the forms by visiting the SDSU Foundation website.

DakotaFest is rapidly approaching. We have ordered a good supply of apples and look forward to seeing you. We will have 14 companies in our tent this year. You should be able to find the answer to any questions you may have as well as some discounts and prizes. This year we will be conducting the third annual auction to raise money for the SDSU Cow-Calf Unit. We are assembling some great products and all we need is you to attend the sale and bid. These purchases will be tax deductible and free of sales tax. Save dollars and support the future of the cow-calf industry in S.D.

Summer is rapidly drawing to a close. Take time to visit friends and colleges at DakotaFest, the State Fair, or other gatherings of agriculturally motivated people. Do your part to promote your industry! See you there.


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