Vilsack announces 41 appointments to Beef Board |

Vilsack announces 41 appointments to Beef Board

On December 30, 2013, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced 41 appointments to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.

The CBB consists of 103 members appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture for three-year terms. The number of board members is determined according to the number of cattle in each state or region.

South Dakota Farmers Union (SDFU) member Vaughn Meyer of Reva, S.D. has been appointed by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to another term on the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, also known as the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB).

Meyer is an Angus producer that owns and operates SoDak Angus. He has over 50 years of involvement in cattle production and is a lifelong member of SDFU.

“Vaughn Meyer has worked very hard during his first three years on the CBB and I know he will continue to be a strong advocate for South Dakota’s cattle farmers and ranchers,” said SDFU President Doug Sombke. “In addition to his three years on the CBB, Meyer has served over 11 years on the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and is a natural leader for the South Dakota cattle industry. We are fortunate to have him appointed to another term on the CBB.”

South Dakota has four members on the CBB. South Dakota’s members in addition to Meyer include Danni Beer of Keldron, Linda Gilbert of Buffalo, and Gary Sharp of Bath. The CBB oversees the collection and management of $1-per-head on all cattle sold in the United States and the equivalent on imported cattle, beef and beef products.

All 41 of the newly appointed members representing cattle producers are: James H. Smith, Springfield, Ark.; Joanne M. Stanko, Steamboat Springs, Colo.; Bradley E. Etheridge, Williston, Fla.; Lynn C. Keetch, Montpelier, Idaho; Jeanne L. Harland, LaFayette, Ill.; Donald E. Gurtner, Fremont, Ind.; Kent E. Pruismann, Rock Valley, Iowa; Brian L. Sampson, Nevada, Iowa.; Beth G. Patterson, Yates City, Kan.; Brittany J. Howell, LaCrosse, Kan.; Julianna G. Jepson, Franklin, Ky.; Steven H. Matthees, Goodhue, Minn.; Brenda L. Black, Deepwater, Mo.; Howard W. Hardecke, Springfield, Mo.; Leo McDonnell, Columbus, Mont.; David J. Wright, Neligh, Neb.; Albert T. Davis, Hyannis, Neb.; Patricia J. Bilkowsky, Madison, N.Y.; James M. Schmidt, Menoken, N.D.; Peter J. Guglielmino, Kettle Falls, Wash. (representing the Northwest Unit); Davis W. Denman, Cortland, Ohio; Terry L. Detrick, Ames, Okla.; Chuck R. Coffey, Springer, Okla.; Patricia A. Venable, Klamath Falls, Ore.; Jana L. Malot, Harrisonville, Pa.; Vaughn R. Meyer, Reva, S.D.; Robert Q. Fountain, Jr., Adrian, Ga.; Max Bozeman, Jr., Elba, Ala. (representing the Southeast Unit); James I. Maxey, Fresno, Calif.; Michael T. Smith, Visalia, Calif. (representing the Southwest Unit); Paul A. Moss, Cottage Grove, Tenn.; Chuck A. Kiker III, Beaumont, Texas; Steven J. Mafrige, Tilden, Texas; Anne I. Anderson, Austin, Texas; Janna D. Stubbs, Alpine, Texas; Tim R. Pennell, Westhott, Texas; Joseph W. Guthrie, Dublin, Va.; and Lloyd DeRuyter, Cedar Grove, Wis.

Newly appointed members representing importers are Lawrence I. Bryant, Burke, Va.; Fred A. Sorbello, Mullica Hill, N.J.; and Terry J. Meikle, Washington, D.C.

–compiled from USDA and SDFU releases


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