Vilsack meets with western state ag leaders  |

Vilsack meets with western state ag leaders 

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today met with the leaders of the state departments of agriculture for the seven Colorado River Basin states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming) to discuss the challenges faced by farmers and ranchers as a result of the historic drought affecting the region.“
During the meeting, Secretary Vilsack highlighted the Biden-Harris administration’s investments in the seven states and U.S. Department of Agriculture resources and programs available to mitigate the impact of historic megadrought, as well as other natural disasters exacerbated by climate change such as flooding, on agricultural and rural communities across the region,” USDA said in a news release.“
Through the strategic deployment of financial resources, technical assistance, and cutting-edge research, we are working with communities to help them adapt to the challenges brought on by a changing climate and water scarcity,” Vilsack said in the release.“
USDA is acting to support producers, forest landowners, and rural communities throughout the Colorado River Basin with a comprehensive approach that will assist impacted producers with conserving water and becoming less reliant on the Colorado River, promoting irrigation and water-use efficiency, and recovering from economic damages incurred from the unprecedented and ongoing drought.”The convening was part of the administration’s approach to addressing Western drought and making communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change.
–The Hagstrom Report