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Vollmer Angus Ranch 37th Annual Production Sale

Wade Staigle, from Center, N.D. bought two bulls.

Location: At the ranch, Wing, N.D.-

Date: May 1, 2014

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs, Billings, Mont


52 commercial heifer calves: $1,912

7 fall bulls: $4,536

135 yearling bulls: $4,700

Vollmer Angus Ranch hosted their 37th annual production sale at their home North of Wing, N.D. The Vollmers are well known throughout the region, and across the country for raising high-quality, functional cattle that work in all aspects of the industry. With continued emphasis on performance and carcass traits their bulls excel in power but still produce females who maximize forage. The high selling bull of the day demanded $20,000. VAR Cash 327 a low birth, high growth son of Barstow Cash sold to Hoffman Angus of Wheatland, N.D. Next in line was an owned son of Mogck Bullseye, lot 61 is a power bull who boasted a YW of almost 1,500 pounds and a REA of 16.6, he sold to Jeff Fix of Aberdeen. Vermillion Ranch of Billings, Mont. selected lot 73 for $15,000, VAR Identity 3239 was one of the bigger spread bulls with a .5 BW EPD and a 112 YW EPD. Next was another son of Barstow Cash, lot 72, sold to Rock’n R Angus of Plainville, Kan. for $13,000. Mohnen Angus of White Lake, S.D. bought lot 63 for $11,500, an owned son of the breed leading Connealy Consensus 7229, who boasted an impressive 1,500 pound YW and a 4.4 ADJ IMF. VAR Cash 302 sold to Nord Family Angus of Wolverton, Minn. for $11,500, he is another impressive 3 star calving ease son out of Cash and a VAR Rocky 80029-bred dam

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