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Wagon train travels to Coal Springs, SD

The horses and people braved a 90-plus degree day on the first day of travel. Photos by Carrie Stadheim

En route to Coal Springs, S.D., for the threshing bee, a group of horsemen and women enjoyed the rangeland, waterways and comradare associated with a wagon train last week. The group started at White Butte, a historical cattle shipping point along the railroad, then crossed the North Grand River on the Gayle Evridge ranch. Their first night was spent along Lodgepole Creek at the Lester Longwood ranch about 18 miles south of White Butte. The Longwood family served chili and fixin’s to the teamsters, outriders and a number of neighbors and friends. Around a campfire, door prizes were given away, stories were shared and Les Longwood and his daughters Erin Stadheim and Laura Lahr entertained with gospel and country music and an acoustic guitar.

After about 45 miles on the trail, the wagon train was scheduled to overnight at the Darwin Oliver ranch Thursday and to arrive in Coal Springs, south of Meadow, S.D., Friday. Jerry Miles, Woody Penor and John Grate were the event organizers. F

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