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Wall Celebration rodeo results

Bareback Riding: 1. Quentin Shadbolt, Merriman, NE, 83; 2. Travis Bechen, Rapid City, SD, 78; 3. Weston Garrett, Belle Fourche, SD, 77; 4. (tie) Dustin Luper, Hermosa, SD and Ty Werdel, Chadron, NE, 76; 6. (tie) Lonny Lesmeister, Rapid City, SD and Evan Jayne, Huntsville, TX, 75.

Barrel Racing: 1. Nikki Steffes, Vale, SD, 16.80; 2. Melinda Mattson, Deadwood, SD, 16.81; 3. Mazee Pauley, Wall, SD, 16.89; 4.Debbie McCutcheon, Brookings, SD, 17.00; 5. Kathlene Carlson, Kadoka, SD, 17.01; 6. (tie) Martee Pruitt, Gering, NE; Carole Hollers, Sturgis, SD; Pam Hannum, Ft. Pierre, SD; and Kristen Lawrence, Promise, SD, 17.05.

Bull Riding: 1. Tanner Bothwell, Rapid City, SD, 82; 2. Allen Auer, Whitewood, SD, 69.

Calf Roping: 1. Dillon Kjerstad, Madison, SD, 8.5; 2. (tie) Trey Young, Dupree, SD and Clint Kindred, Oral, SD, 9.3; 4. Will Laduke, Gillette, WY, 9.4; 5. (tie) Tyler Fagerhaug, Wessington Springs, SD and Billy Boldon, Oglala, SD, 9.5; 7. Cole Fulton, Miller, SD, 9.8; 8. Orry Fruit, Ekalaka, MT, 10.1.

Ladies Breakaway: 1. Tommy Peterson, Parade, SD, 2.1; 2. (tie) Joey Painter, Buffalo, SD and Jessica Holmes, Rapid City, SD, 2.2; 4. Samantha Nelson, Creighton, SD, 2.3; 5. (tie) Kaylee Nelson, Midland, SD; Kaycee Werdel, Chadron, NE; and Jordan Thurston, Lance Creek, WY, 2.4; 8. (tie) Shanna Anderson, Eagle Butte, SD; Haley Anderson, Spearfish, SD; Dori Hollenbeck, Winner, SD; Sunnie Reeves, Owanka, SD; Joey Price, Buffalo, WY, 2.5; and Kelsie McInerney, Alzada, MT, 2.5.

Saddle Bronc: 1. OJ Heidler, Opal, SD, 83; 2. Cole Elshere, Usta, SD, 81; 3. Jay Longbrake, Dupree, SD, 80; 4. (tie) Marty Hebb, Eagle Butte, SD and Clayton Etzkorn, Pierre, SD, 77; 6. (tie) Troy Crowser, Whitewood, SD and Billy Martin, Faith, SD, 75; 8. Eric Gewecke, Gillette, WY, 74.

Senior Men’s Breakaway: 1. Gary Zilverberg, Holabird, SD, 2.4; 2. Jerry Sharp, Long Valley, SD, 2.5; 3. Dan Nelson, Creighton, SD, 2.6; 4. Bob Burke, Sundance, WY, 2.8; 5. Clifford Tibbs, Mission, SD, 3.0; 6. (tie) Chuck Nelson, Hartford, SD; Flint Flemming, Miles City, MT, and Phil Gerard, Miller, SD, 3.1.

Steer Wrestling: 1. Jason Schaffer, Broadus, MT, 3.9; 2. Jace Melvin, Ft. Pierre, SD, 4.0; 3. (tie) Dean Moncur, Belle Fourche, SD and Kyle Irwin, Silver City, NM, 4.6; 5. (tie) Jerod Schwarting, White River, SD and Kody Woodward, Dupree, SD, 4.7; 7. Chason Floyd, Buffalo, SD, 4.8; 8. Taz Olson, Prairie City, SD, 4.9.

Team Roping: 1. Paul Painter, Buffalo, SD/Tom Hunt, Faith, SD, 6.1; 2. Jason Thorstenson, Rapid City, SD/Paul Tierney, Oral, SD, 6.7; 3. Jeff White, Ashby, NE/Bret Trenary, Salida, CO, 6.8; 4. Dallas Louden, Martin, SD/Jeremy Ferguson, Eagle Butte, SD, 7.7; 5. Rocky Lane Tibbs, Ft. Pierre, SD/Shaun Ruland, Wall, SD, 7.9; 6. Lynn McNenny, Sturgis, SD/Daine McNenny, Sturgis, SD, 8.6; 7. Terry Moody, Letcher, SD/Shilo Knutson, Letcher, SD, 11.2; 8. Ryan Radant, Winner, SD/Matt Elliott, Valentine, NE, 11.3.

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