Walmart carrying American lamb |

Walmart carrying American lamb

Walmart announced that all 40 distribution centers are now committed to carrying domestic lamb through 2012. The switch from partial-imported product to 100-percent American grown is welcome support for the U.S. lamb industry.

“Walmart is committed to building its lamb program and stocking consistent cuts of fresh American lamb year round,” said Megan Wortman, executive director of the American Lamb Board (ALB). “We’ve been working hard to get lamb on shoppers’ radars, and having the support of this nationwide retailer helps immensely.”

Walmart sent out a Request for Quotes in early November. The program will be supplied through Superior Farms and Mountain States Rosen, both ALB members.

“As retailers supply more domestic and local products, our ranchers are feeling optimistic about the industry,” said Greg Ahart, director of producer relations for Superior Farms. “This really helps make small family farming sustainable.”

The suppliers and ALB will be working closely with Walmart to provide materials and information for its lamb category. Recipes and industry news can be found at

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