Watch for strayed or stolen livestock |

Watch for strayed or stolen livestock

Reported on Aug. 26, 2014

• Oklahoma (Garvin County) – Aug. 14, 2014, – Oklahoma Dept of Ag, 405-850-8292

Thirteen head of cattle were taken from a location in southwestern Garvin County near Elmore City, Okla., sometime between Aug. 12, 2014, and August 14, 2014. The cattle are bull calves weighing between 400-800 pounds, heifer calves weighing 400-600 pounds and cows that are 2-3 years old weighing approximately 800-900 pounds. The cattle are mixed colors with no brands, ear tags, or tattoos.

• Oklahoma (Caddo County) – Aug. 8, 2014, – Oklahoma Dept of Ag, 405-522-6102

Twelve head black calves (mixed steers and heifers), weighing between 300-400 pounds; calves have blue eartags in either ear with no markings on the tags; some of the calves may be branded with a sideways EL on the left hip or leg; there stolen is one black cow with the same EL brand and a red flytag in either ear.

• Oklahoma (Carter-Love Counties) – Aug. 6, 2014, – Oklahoma Dept of Ag, 405-522-6102

Five (5) head of steers; weighing 600-650 pounds; mostly black but could be other colors also; steers have yellow fly tags in their ear (could be left or right ear); they are branded with lower case “mm” high on left hip near the tail head.

• Utah (Uintah County) – August, 2014 – Utah Dept of Ag, 801-538-7166

2 horses: buckskin mare with 16 over bar on right shoulder; brown/white paint 3 month old filly at side has no brand

• Wyoming (Otto) – July 24, 2014, – Wyoming Livestock Board, 307-777-7515

1 horse, quarter horse gelding, 9 years, bay roan, a few white hairs to make a slight star, right hind partial coronet, either the left or right hip has a bay marking that looks like the “Nike” symbol, DNA available

• Colorado (Salida) – Oct. 15, 2013, – Colorado Dept of Ag, 303-294-0895

1 horse, Palomino, AQHA, mare, LH sock, no brand, 6 years.

• Recovered — Oklahoma (Medford) – Aug. 6, 2014, – Lance Cochran, 580-554-5015

5 BWF heifers, 1,100-1,150 pounds, white or chartreuse colored tag in right ear, older T/S stacked brand and newer C C lazy right C backwards (they make the shape of a shamrock) C brand both on left hip.

–Livestock Marketing Association


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