Wendy Larsen Memorial Barrel Race Results

Ronda Sedgwick Stearns

The late announcer Clem McSpadden once said, “You can bait a trap with a gray horse an’ catch a cowboy anytime.”

He must have never thought to say, “Bait a trap with a Senior Barrel Race an’ catch lots’a barrel racers anytime!”

The 5th Annual Wendy Larsen Memorial, Senior Division, Sept. 7, 2019, held in connection with the Fizz Bomb, produced by Jane Christian McGinley and Eva Edwards could have provided good evidence.

Ninety-seven entries made for a full day, with competitors traveling from Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Canada, Texas and of course Wyoming.

The event’s namesake loved barrel racing, loved the Fizz Bomb events, and loved having fun. “Wendy always made everything fun,” Eva Edwards says, “and that’s what we wanted this Senior event to be, just like she’d have liked it. Everyone seemed to have fun . . . and nobody got hurt or fell off, so we thought it was a success,” she laughed.

Longtime barrel racing rider, trainer and champion Deb Thompson of Gordon, Nebraska, was the overall winner, taking home the saddle. “She was so happy, and just appreciated every little thing about the event,” Eva told us. “There were so many wonderful awards given, and everyone who won anything was excited and happy.”

The Linda Jarrard Memorial awards are always coveted. Lonnie Wilson creates the handmade beaded bracelets, which are awarded to fast times in each division, with Deb Thompson winning the first day and Eva Edwards the second. Edwards rode ‘Cat’, a 5-year-old calf horse trained for barrels by her daughter Ginger LeDoux

Eva said everyone especially loved the fancy silver spurs; and the turquoise-studded Maynard Silver buckles that went to winners of the events’ 1D through 4D divisions.

Jane Christian McGinley is already back in Texas, cherishing her happy memories.

Ask any person who turned in a run – they’ll tell you every participant was a winner – and they’re looking forward to next year and the 6th Annual Wendy Larsen Memorial Senior Barrel Race at the Fizz Bomb.

1D placings – Wendy Larsen Sr. Barrel Race, Sept. 7 (Average)

30.377 Deb Thompson on Stretch N Spank

30.667 Gloria Philip on CB Boogie Moves

30.697 Eva Edwards on Cactus Alex

30.781 Elaine Watt on Jonis Famer

30.965 Pamela Clemens on Holy Whiz

30.986 Lonnie Farella on A Smooth Time

30.989 Becky Carson on FreckenSophisticated

31.106 Kathleen Carlson on Salty Dog

31.166 Missy Givens on Pockets

31.224 Mary Mitzel on Flashy Bay Leana

31.332 Rick McIntosh on JL Rocky Lane

31.376 Sarah Keller on Jus Chillin

2D Placings

31.427 Debbie Beede on Jodi’s Last Smash

31.531 Lorita Crofford on Frank Tango

31.605 Cindy Mankin on Fancy Fire

31.691 Rolene Hoegerl on Dr. Speed Dash

31.718 Cathy Roesler on No Fools Nuggette

31.817 Lori Zabel on RF Three Tiny Bars

31.870 Bob Welsh on Frostys Tri Star

31.957 Eva Edwards on Streakin N Shaken

32.005 Colette Fenster on Dark Express

32.014 Diana Mader on Streakin Flint

32.015 Bob Welsh on Black Tie Bella

32.140 Linda Hunter on Paid Prescription

3D Placings

32.398 Sue Fortner on BF Winstons Hot Rod

32.399 Lori Zabel on Unfaded Fame

32.445 Janet Pauley on MsStreakinCorona

32.469 Stephanie Erb on JMP Sheera

32.486 Mary Feagler on FedEx

32.513 Diana Mader on Peppy Mego

32.608 Lorita Crofford on Famous Drifter

32.713 Laurie Goehring on Neilo

32.749 Linda Evridge on JL Ski Olena Pep

32.786 Cindy Reynolds on Doc Fame and Liberty

32.876 Paula Lind on Last Bar Chip

32.922 Missi Jorgensen on Fajitas Honey

4D Placings

33.398 Betty Shirmer on Frosty Lena Cat

33.401 Paula Fowler on Alvin

33.519 Paula O’Connell on I’m A Hot Cash

33.639 Cindy Witt on Boonlite Cricket

33.745 Linda Kraft on Solanos Oak

33.808 Carla Sturgeon on Bandy

34.053 Kim Mills on Billy Is Smooth

36.012 Deb Wuensch on Kidzgotpepnhizstep

36.012 Della Epler on No Boots On This Lion

36.053 Jacque Haelzett on Two Bits

36.091 Cindy Reynolds on Green Ivory

36.194 Twyla Chapman on Frenchin Hot Flame