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Western Justice: We will help horse owners nationwide

The western horse community is the largest entity in the equine industry. Image courtesy Western Justice

The mission statement of Western Justice is simple….

We are a collaborating voice empowering the future of the western horse industry. We are committed to upholding the rights and liberties of equine breeders, owners, trainers, and exhibitors while ensuring the welfare of livestock and our way of life.

The Growing Need for Western Justice

The western horse community is the largest entity in the equine industry. It includes both ranchers and western lifestyle disciplines like rodeo, cutting, reining, team roping, barrel racing, reined cow horse, western pleasure, and trail/leisure horses, accounting for millions of American horses and owners.

Surprisingly, for such a large community, our voice in Washington D.C. has been negligible and there is insufficient representation in all levels of government. Part of the problem is the absence of an industry-focused group. A group to address pertinent issues, such as bad legislation, at any level. This adversely affects our industry and lifestyle at an accelerated pace.

Additionally, the horse industry, in general, also lacks awareness of arising issues. Some of these issues have already negatively impacted western disciplines and events. To raise awareness there needs to be a trusted source for information and a workable way to share it.

These are the reasons we formed Western Justice.

United We Are A Strong Voice

United, the western horse community creates one strong entity and we quickly become a powerful voice. This powerful voice is needed to stop the animal extremist influenced legislation floating around Washington D.C. and being aggressively pushed at state and local levels via changes to state laws and county ordinances. The horse community needs to unite and raise our voices, as our lifestyles and liberties are in severe jeopardy.

Experienced Team

Western Justice is an experienced group with a proven track record. We are ready to be the voice for the western horse industry. Our team is made up of multigenerational ranchers, veterinary technicians, horse trainers, breeders, and open and non-pro competitors. As a group, we have extensive experience in legislative policy, public relations, marketing, advertising, project implementation, research writing, education, and management.


There are many initiatives that need our attention, this is just the start.

• PACT Act – This Act was pushed by special interest groups and has already been signed into law. It has vague wording and opens the door to damaging interpretation of many common practices. We hope to participate during the rulemaking process to help ensure normal and humane livestock practices (use of squeeze chutes, artificial insemination, branding, and injections to name a few) are protected.

• SAFE Act – If passed, the SAFE Act will have a devastating impact on equine welfare. We plan to address this issue with lawmakers and stakeholders to prevent this from happening.

• Horse Protection Act – Educate the horse industry of its existence and how it could negatively affect every horse in the US.

• Electronic Logging Device Mandate – Work with the FMCSA to address the need for ranchers and the horse industry to be permanently exempted due to animal welfare concerns.

• Database – Build a database of knowledgeable horse people. This gives our industry an educated group to draw information from, both for the industry in general and to help educate lawmakers to combat the skewed animal extremist polls that offer corrupt and biased data on issues.

• Task Force – Set up a task force to help when horse owners are attacked by animal extremists.

• Legal Defense Fund – Set up a legal defense fund to help horse owners being attacked by animal extremists.

• State and Local Networks – Set up networks at state and local levels to activate support from the industry when rodeos, horse shows, and such are targeted by animal extremists.

We Are Ready

Our experienced team presents a united front for the horse industry and all involved in it. We are ready to be your voice, but we need your help. Funding for a significant effort like this needs to come from the community it protects.

Western Justice is a membership-based organization with cost-effective membership dues of $50.00 per person annually, giving us strength in numbers. More members equal more empowerment and a louder voice to address issues at all levels. To accomplish our goals, Western Justice has both a 501c3 (Educational) and a 501c4 (Legislative) group.

Please learn more about Western Justice on our website: http://www.WesternJustice.info and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @WesternJusticeLF and Twitter at @WesternJustLF. You can also email us with questions: office@westernjustice.info.

–Western Justice

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