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Western South Dakota ownership inspection required for all livestock

PIERRE, SD – The fall cattle run is starting, and the South Dakota State Brand Board reminds livestock producers that ownership inspections of cattle, horses and mules are required prior to their sale, slaughter or removal from the South Dakota Livestock Ownership Inspection Area, which includes all counties located west of the Missouri River.

No one may transport any cattle, horses or mules from the Livestock Ownership Inspection area without an inspection by the Brand Board, unless the shipper possesses a local inspection certificate, market clearance document, shipper’s permit, convoy certificate, lifetime horse transportation permit or an annual horse permit.

A local inspection certificate is valid for transportation of livestock out of the inspection area only on the date issued. A shipper’s permit may be acquired up to 48 hours prior to shipment.

Enforcement checkpoints will be set up at various points along the border of the Livestock Ownership Inspection Area to check for violations of South Dakota brand laws.

Livestock being removed from the ownership inspection area without authorization may be impounded by any law enforcement officer until the animals are inspected for ownership by an authorized brand inspector.

The penalty for unauthorized removal is a Class 2 misdemeanor, which carries up to a $500 fine, a maximum of 30 days in a county jail, or both.

A shipper desiring a brand inspection must contact a brand inspector prior to the inspection and allow the inspector ample time to provide it.

For more information on how to contact a brand inspector, call the South Dakota State Brand Board at 877-574-0054 or visit them online at http://www.sdbrandboard.com.