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WGFD to Discuss Brucellosis Management Plans

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will hold public meetings in Jackson and Pinedale to present the updated Brucellosis Management Action Plans (BMAP) for area elk herds. The meetings will be held at 6pm:

Wednesday, March 23, Jackson Game & Fish office

Thursday, March 24, Pinedale Game & Fish office

The plans are designed to identify what ranchers and wildlife managers can do to prevent disease transmission from wildlife to livestock. The plans were originally written in 2006 and have been updated twice since then. Biologists continue to work closely with local ranchers and federal agencies to share the most current information and ensure the best management practices are being applied on the land.

The Governor-appointed Brucellosis Coordination Team outlined the BMAP process as a critical step for preventing brucellosis transmission from elk to cattle and maintaining the state’s brucellosis-free status.

The Game and Fish supports the Americans with Disabilities Act. Anyone needing auxiliary aids to attend this meeting should call (800) 423-4113 (in-state only) or 307-733-2321. Every effort will be made for reasonable accommodations.