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Wicks Cattle Simangus bull sale

Mary Jo, Josie and Mya, the ladies behind the Wicks Cattle operation.

Date: Feb. 4, 2014

Location: At the ranch, Richardton, N.D.

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

Reported by: Scott Dirk


57 Yearling SimAngus bulls – $4,405

Zane and Mary Jo Wicks and girls hosted a very successful sale at the ranch south of Richardton, N.D., on Feb. 4. Auctioneer Scott Weishaar kept the sale rolling along at a very rapid pace as the large crowd of new and repeat buyers sat in comfort and purchased bulls on the video format sale. All the bulls were penned just a few yards away outside so buyers were able to study the bulls prior to the sale. The bulls speak for themselves, they were very functional bulls, in just the right condition with a very good cross section of performance and calving ease bulls to select from . They were readily accepted by the buyers ringside. There wasn’t an extreme top to the bulls, the market was steady throughout the entire sale.

This was the second year they have had the sale in their beautiful new barn just off the highway. The barn is a multi-function facility that the Wicks family use for calving and vet work on one end. The other end is set up with a kitchen area and banquet room that is used for weddings and private parties.

The top selling bull for the day was Lot 1, WIX Hoss 580A, a Feb. 26, 2013, son of Triple C Singletary S3H with EPDs of BW 2.4, WW 72, YW 116, Milk 18.4. This bull was purchased by Bill Kuntz, Towner, N.D., for $7,500.

Kuntz also picked lot 2 for $7,250. WIX-519A, a Feb. 26, 2013, son of Triple C Singletary S3H with EPDs of BW 0.9, WW 62.9, YW 105.8, Milk 25.7.

Lot 4, WIX-530A, a Feb. 27, 2013, son of Triple C Singletary S3H with EPDs of BW 2, WW 70.5, YW 111.8, Milk 17.6 sold to Tom Breuer, Garrison, N.D., for $7,250.

Another bull at $7,250 was Lot 6, WIX – 469A, a March 2, 2013, son of Triple C Singletary S3H with EPDs of BW 1.8, WW 69, YW 110.1, Milk 18.3 selling to Jamison Krecklau of Crosby, N.D.

Lot 3, WIX -667A, a 2/28/13 son of Triple C Singletary S3H with EPDs of BW 1.3, WW 67., YW 110.3, Milk 20.2 sold to Beaver Creek Ranch, Richardton, N.D., for $7,000.

Also selling for $7,000 to Tom Breuer, was Lot 14, WIX – 9109A, a March 14, 2013, son of HRM Upgrade Y35 with EPDs of BW -0.1, WW 65.1, YW 100.6, Milk 27.

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