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Wild weather, stolen bucking horse stud, bridle horse clinic, Interior rodeo, B.H. Roundup

What wild weather there’s been this month! As I write this, northern Butte and southern Harding Counties are reeling from receiving seven inches of rain in a few hours time. Lots of hail all over too, plus a tornado or two on the South Dakota/Montana line near Capitol, MT. Scary stuff. Some good friends north of Belle Fourche lost most of their corrals and had water up in the barns and house as well. Bridges are washed out for others in that country, so they are practically marooned. Of course, with a saddle horse one can get out, but it’s a long ol’ ride to town. The Moreau River is huge and was going across Hwy 79 at Hoover this morning. It was over the highway on 85 north of Belle Fourche too. That’s a lot of water! I hope all the stock is okay. It will take a while to get them sorted out with so much fence washed out. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you that were in the path of the storms.

Keep your eyes peeled for a stud that was stolen in the Valentine, Neb., area. He disappeared out of the pasture around June 10 and is a bucking horse in their string plus their sire. #808 Rooster is a dark bay with four high stockings and a unique blaze face. is stout made with a somewhat drafty look to him. He has a reverse JP on his right hip and a number brand high on his left hip. If you hear of someone having him or see him, please contact the Cherry Co. Sheriff at 402-376-1890 or John Lemmon at 402-376-2858.

There will be a Bruce Sandifer Workshop June 27-29 at Scottsbluff, Neb. Bruce is a fine bridle hand of the old California tradition who will be helping riders increase skills in the hackamore, two rein and bridle. There will be three two hour sessions each day. Each session will have only three of four riders. Bruce will focus on the design and function of the equipment as well as the importance of body position and balance while on the horse. Watchers are welcome and a fee will apply. For more info, call Arlene Morgan at 308-641-2028 or email fluficat2@gmail.

A practice jackpot for the Routier Ranch Superhorse Challenge will be held June 29, with one round. Entry fee is $125. Call Jessica at 605-375-3989 for details. The Superhorse Challenge will be the end of August and I’ll be reminding you of it here soon.

The Interior (SD) Frontier Days will be July 4-5, 4:30 both days, with slack on the fifth at 10 a.m. There’s a parade on the fourth, and great fireworks at dusk. The rodeo is open to anyone, plus is MSRA aand NRCA approved. There will also be a TPBR bullriding. They always throw in some wild rides and kids events too, so it’s a great rodeo in a beautiful place in the Badlands. Wilson Rodeo will have the stock, so it will sure be fun to watch.

The 95th Annual Black Hills Roundup will be July 3-5 at the Roundup Grounds in Belle Fourche, S.D.

Steer Roping will kick it off on July 2 at noon. On Thursday, the 3rd, the cattle drive through downtown Belle Fourche will be at 3 pm, BBQ at the rodeo grounds at 5 pm, mutton busting at 5:45, Ranch Rodeo cowboy intro and auction at 6, and one of the very best ranch rodeos in the region will be at 7 pm. On the 4th, the parade will go through town, and the rodeo will be at 5 pm. On the 5th the rodeo will be at 7 pm, and on the sixth, 2 pm. Always a good show with great seating and a beautiful location. You’ll also get to see the new chutes, crow’s nest and some newly added pens. Details can be had at http://www.blackhillsroundup.com or call 605-723-2010 for tickets.

The 2nd Annual Cowgirl Swank Classic Womens Ranch Rodeo will be July 19-20 at Crawford, Neb. The Open Stray Gathering will be at 1 pm on Saturday, with the rodeo to follow, then the rodeo at 10 am after cowboy church at 8 on Sunday. There will be two sanctioned WRRA rodeos, an Open Stray Gathering, Calcutta and more. Limited to 16 teams. Call Cheyenne Wilson at 605-891-1827 or go to http://www.cowgirlswankclassic.com or http://www.oldwesttrailrodeo.com. Crawford is a beautiful place to visit anyway, and this will be a great event to go watch or compete in. Winners of either day will qualify for the WRRA Finals.

Well, that’s my soggy circle for the week. Keep your heads above water folks.