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Wilken Angus 2012 Bull Sale

An extra big crowd gathered at Faith Livestock for the Wilken Angus bull and heifer auction. Wilken Angus is owned by Gary and Lori Wilken and their family.

Every bull in the sale was a son of a highly proven artificial insemination (AI) sire. Calving ease with the ability to grow is a high priority in their sire selection. The cowherd is made up of a large group of daughters of Rito 6I6, TC Rancher, Larks Canyon 74D4, Bar EXT Traveler 205, GDAR Traveler 9161 and New Design 208. These cows stack traits for calving ease, fertility, good udders, moderate frames and longevity.

At Wilken Angus there are large groups of sons from AI sires, which the commercial cattlemen really like. These are low-maintenance, moderate-framed cattle that can deal with South Dakota’s winters and summers.

There was a good rain a few days before the sale, and the Wilken customers were in high spirits when they arrived to look at these bulls.

Top-selling bull of the day was Lot 75, selling for $8,500 to Don Tomac, Keldron, SD. This son of GDAR Game Day 449 was out of an Emblazon daughter. He had an 85-pound birth weight and a weaning weight of 631 pounds to ratio 109. He grew to a yearling weight of 1,179 pounds to ratio 106.

Randy Clark, Quinn, SD, selected Lot 38 at $8,000. He was a son of SAV Final Answer 0035, and was out of a daughter of Rito 6I6. Born at 85 pounds, he weaned at 628 pounds to ratio 109 and posted a yearling weight of 1,126 pounds He had a 38.5-centimeter scrotal measurement and a ribeye area of 12.8 square inches.

Lot 74 was also headed to the Tomac Ranch at Keldron. Selling for $8,000, he was another son of GDAR Game Day 449. His mother was a daughter of New Design 208 and she had an MPPA of 105. Born at 80 pounds, this bull weaned at 638 pounds to ratio 110 and then grew to a yearling weight of 1,199 pounds to ratio 108. He had a 37.5-centimeter scrotal, a 14.7-square-inch REA, and an IMF of 4.1% to ratio 114. He was recommended for heifers.

The Shaw Ranch, White Owl, SD, bought Lot 51 at $7,500. Here was a SAV Final Answer 0035 son who was out of a daughter of New Design 208. He had a 75-pound birth weight, a weaning weight of 627 pounds, and a yearling weight of 1,213 pounds to ratio 109. His scrotal measurement was 38.5 centimeters and he had an REA of 14.2 square inches.

Selling for $7,500, Lot 44 was bought by Ron Linn, Dupree, SD. This bull was sired by SAV Final Answer 0035 and was out of a 6I6 daughter. He had a 90-pound birth weight, a weaning weight of 629 pounds to ratio 109, and a yearling weight of 1,234 pounds to ratio 111.

Reuben Olson, Prairie City, SD, liked Lot 001, and he paid $7,500 to become his new owner. He was a two-year-old son of Rito 6I6 and a TC Rancher daughter. He was a recommended heifer bull.

It was a great sale for the Wilken family, and a very good feeling all day long! The ice cream sundaes at the end of the sale was the cherry on top of this great day!

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