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Wilson Ranch 4th Annual Bull Sale

Wayne Wilson and Seth Weishaar

March 28, 2014

St. Onge Livestock, St. Onge, S.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported By: Rowdy Benson

48 yearling Sim-Angus bulls averaged $3,671

It was the epitome of a spring day in St. Onge, S.D. at St. Onge Livestock for the 4th Annual Wilson Ranch Bull Sale. The bulls looked in ravishing condition with buyers poring over them prior to the sale. The bulls offered have been developed to add pounds, performance, and outstanding females to any outfit. It was another packed house with a lot of interest ringside. I was impressed with the condition of this offering, they were full of muscle, depth, and were not overly fat. Here are the sale toppers:

Lot 30, Wilson MR A30, a RS&T Titlist 10W son was purchased by the Spruce Hill Ranch of Ludlow, S.D. for $9,000. This white-faced bull was a superb specimen of the Sim-Angus balance. His EPDs are BW 0.7, WW 64, and YW 93. This bull weighed 78 lbs at birth and has an adj. 205 728 lbs with a 3.3 ADG.

Lot 7, Wilson MR A7, a WAGR Driver 706T son was purchased by Alan Mielke of Hermosa, S.D. for $6,750. Born weighing 82 lbs, this bull had an ADG of 4.4 and an adj. 205 of 719 lbs. His EPDs are BW 0.4, WW 57.2, and YW 85.7.

Lot 2, Wilson MR A2, sold to Earl Maier of Faith, S.D. for $5,500. This is another WAGR Driver 706T son supporting EPDs of BW 2.7, WW 64.3, and YW 85.4. His actual birth weight of 86 lbs was supplemented with an ADG of 4.2 and has an adj. 205 695 lbs.

Lot 6, Wilson MR A6, sold to none other than Charles Russell of Broadus, Mont. for $5,000. This WAGR Driver 706T son has EPDs of BW 2.4, WW 72.7, and YW 99. This bull’s actual birth weight was 84 lbs with a 3.7 ADG and an adj. 205 735 lbs.

Lot 19, Wilson MR A19, son of WAGR Driver 706T was purchased by Gary Heinert of Parmlee, S.D. for $5,000. His 86 lbs actual birth weight, complemented by his adj. 205 730 lbs, helped is ADG of 2.9. He represents EPDs of BW 2.7, WW 72.8, and YW 99.3.