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Wool program additions

The American Sheep Industry Association is excited to announce several new additions to the American Wool Assurance program.

Ranch Groups are now available to help growers become AWA Ranch Group Certified. Ranch Groups allow growers to:

Reap the benefits of achieving a fully certified status;

Decrease auditing costs by only a portion of the members being audited every four years;

Pool wool to create larger lots of certified wool.

Click Here for more information and to form a Ranch Group.

American Wool Assurance (AWA) Ranch Groups are designed to assist ranch’s in creating larger lots of AWA certified wool and in decreasing auditing costs.

Ranch Groups will:

➢ Designate a manager for the group. The manager will communicate with members of the group, arrange evaluations and audits and will ensure the group has met requirements.

➢ Keep a list of their ranch group members. Submit this list to info@americanwoolassurance.org annually by January 1.

➢ All members must be Level I accredited and complete 2nd party audits every other year.

➢ A portion (the square root) of the member ranches must complete 3rd party audits every 4 years.

➢ Members in good standing will be certified as “AWA Ranch Group Certified”.

The AWA Guide is available to help you understand more about the program, its standards and what is needed for a second-party evaluation or third-party audit.

A reminder: before you shear and have your wool clip ready, you might want to become accredited in AWA Level I. To do so, simply complete the AWA and SSQA learning courses in the Member Home section of the website.

–American Sheep Industry

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