World famous Percheron Thunder appearing at the 2012 BHSS Feb. 2-4 |

World famous Percheron Thunder appearing at the 2012 BHSS Feb. 2-4

Courtesy photoPercheron Thunder will be part of the entertainment during the 2012 Black Hills Stock Show PRCA rodeo performances Feb. 2-4 in Rapid City, SD.

There was a time when America relied on real horse power to move the nation. The Percheron Thunder is a living tribute to those days gone by. The Black Hills Stock Show (BHSS) Rodeo wants to share a bit of that history with spectators by bringing this breathtaking draft horse hitch all the way from Mt. Pleasant, TX, to Rapid City South Dakota’s Civic Center arena during the PRCA rodeo performances on Feb. 2-4.

Percheron Thunder driver, Jason Goodman, has been working with draft horses most of his life. Jason began driving hitch as a child to feed his family’s livestock.

Goodman began Roman riding six horses at the World Percheron Congress in 2006 at Lexington, VA. These massive horses belong to a breed which originated in France and have been used as work horses in the U.S. for generations. Each horse weighs an average of 2,200 pounds and stands an average of 18 hands, 2 inches tall.

What does Goodman hope to demonstrate through the horses’ performances? His answer, in short: the inherent athleticism of heavy horses and the historical significance of draft animals. Many people have the perception of a draft horse being a lumbering animal. They don’t know how fast and athletic these animals can be. Besides that, a lot of people have never seen how these horses work together.

Goodman has driven the Percheron Hitch for audiences at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo; National Western Stock Show and Rodeo; Bishop Mule Days; American Quarter Horse Congress; International Rolex Competition; Calgary Stampede; Cheyenne Frontier Days; San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo; Reno Rodeo; and the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo.

For the team to travel to Rapid City, the horses travel in two custom-designed 18-wheelers to accommodate all of the team’s traveling needs. These beautifully marked trailers are hard to miss. Watch for the Percheron Thunder to roll into your town, and don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this one of a kind experience.

– Sutton Rodeo