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World’s Richest Breakaway Roping

Amber Crawford of Dallas, Texas, took home $9,175 for winning the three-head average in the World's Richest Breakaway Roping. Photo by Olies Images,

In the last two decades, if women in the sport of rodeo wanted to compete for big monetary prizes, barrel racing was their best bet. However, new and exciting events are being offered for amateur female athletes every year, including an all-girl team roping jackpot at the Bob Feist Invitational, the Ty Tuff Goat Tying Challenge and many well-paying breakaway roping jackpots in Oklahoma and Texas. The World’s Richest Breakaway Roping in Silesia, Montana is in a league all its own. In its 13th year, the memorial roping broke all its own entry and payout records. The roping garnered 50 more entries than last year’s jackpot, bringing the total number of ropers to 207, with $7,500 of added money up for grabs. Each roper ran two calves, and both rounds paid over $1,500 to the fast time, with money awarded down to eighth place. The top 30 ropers after two runs were brought back to the short round. The 30th place cutoff was 8.75 seconds on two runs. This unique roping featured a “fresh,” 500 pound calf for everyone in the first round, meaning the calf had never been roped before. There were also fresh calves in the short round. To win the three-head average paid $9,175. This honor went to Amber Crawford of Dallas, Texas. Money was award to 15th place in the average. The World’s Richest Breakaway Roping is held in memory of Kari Burns, Gilean Newman and Betty Benson; three accomplished breakaway ropers gone too soon. Area cowgirls placing in rounds and the average include:

1st Round

Rickie Engesser: Spearfish, SD – 2nd (2.53)

Caydee Johnson: Manhattan, MT – 4th (2.66)

Jacey Fortier: Laurel, MT – 6th (2.68)

Georgie Lage: Arthur, NE – 8th (2.79) 2nd Round

Samantha Jorgenson: Watford City, ND – 1st (2.06)

Cierra Kunesh: Helena, MT – 5th (2.55)

Brandy Schaack: Hyannis, NE – 7th (2.63)

Celie Salmond: Choteau, MT – 8th (2.70) Short Round

Teka Larson: Billings, MT – 3rd (3.01)

Alex Christen: Lincoln, NE – 4th (3.07)

Megan Burns: Billings, MT – 5th (3.12) Average

Torie Opela: Stapleton, NE – 5th (10.33 on 3)

Brandy Schaack: Hyannis, NE – 6th (10.43 on 3)

Megan Burns: Billings, MT – 7th (10.73 on 3)

Teka Larson: Billings, MT – 12th (11.56 on 3)

Brittany Martin: Cody, WY – 13th (11.78 on 3)

Katelin Conway: Cut Bank, MT – 14th (11.81 on 3)

Alex Christen: Lincoln, NE – 15th (11.82 on 3) Full Results can be found at the Go Rope Facebook page and more information about the jackpot can be found at F

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