WSRRA Finals, WRCA Finals, FUNDRAISER, Jane Melby Clinic, Slope Circuit Banquet |

WSRRA Finals, WRCA Finals, FUNDRAISER, Jane Melby Clinic, Slope Circuit Banquet

The great weather is continuing on, which I’m not minding at all. Such nice weather for working stock, shipping and weaning. We pre-conditioned our calves while our homegrown crew was here last weekend. The little cowboys got to be here for that and they enjoyed every second. It was a superb weekend overall, and getting to work those big, juicy calves didn’t detract from it a bit. Getting horseback with the crew is always fun, especially when there are little cowboys in the mix. We sometimes take for granted the things that we do that others only dream about. I know people who save up for years to get to do for one week what we do every time we saddle a horse. It’s our life and living, while for others, something they wish for. Last weekend was one of the dream weekends and I will treasure it.

The Fifth Annual Western States Ranch Rodeo Association finals will be Oct. 30-Nov. 2 at Winnemucca, Nevada’s Winnemucca Event Center on Fairgrounds road. There will be 270 contestants representing 11 states, plus the ranch bronc finals and the top six Wild Horse Race teams from the national Wild Horse Racing association. This is a cowboy/buckaroo gathering with a fantastic trade show and a great event to watch. Lots of our regional hands will be competing there. You can get event schedule info at

If you tend to go toward the plains and southwestern side of things, the Working Ranch Cowboys Association’s 19th World Championship Ranch Rodeo will be Nov. 6-9 at the Amarillo Civic Center, Amarillo, Texas. We’ve been to this multiple times and have a blast every time. There’s also a great trade show there. You can get advance tickets by calling Panhandle Tickets at 806-378-3096 or go on-line at

The Cowboy Relief Roping and Riding will be Nov. 8, 11 a.m. at the Horse Palace, Laurel, Montana. There will be muley roping, goat roping, stock dog trials, and a dummy roping for the kids. There will also be an elite list of ranch bronc riders competing. These events are held to benefit someone in the cowboy community that is sick or hurt and needs financial assistance. This event will help Kristy Kohl, a young ranch mom who got kicked in the mouth by a horse last fall and has undergone multiple surgeries to rebuild her upper jaw and repair her teeth. Good cause for sure. To enter or for more info, call 307-272-1420.

On November 11, there will be a Jane Melby Barrel Clinic at Prairie Skies Arena, Bismarck, North Dakota. The three sessions offered will #1 Beginner/Intermediate, #2 Intermediate/Advanced and #3 Adults. Sessions are $150 each plus $10 arena fee. Jane is a two time World Champion and has been to the WNFR many times. To reserve your spot, call Charlotte right away at 701-426-3945. You can learn more about Jane Melby at

The Slope Summer Circuit Awards banquet will be held Nov. 22 at the Over The Edge Bar in Camp Crook, South Dakota. Social hour will start at 6 p.m., prime rib supper at 7 p.m., and awards after that. You can also dance the night away to The Wagoneers afterward. You members will be getting your letters right away so don’t forget to vote when you send in your RSVP.

I was recently reading an article about the wild hog situation in the U.S. It’s just mind boggling how fast hogs can go feral and take over an area. The USDA is spending $20 million to try to gain control of or even eradicate wild hogs in 39 states. The number of hogs is guesstimated to be over five million strong, so this won’t happen overnight. One of the statistics they had in the story was that if 70 percent of the hogs in an area were removed, it only takes two and a half years for the population to rebound. Because of that, the eradication of smaller populations of hogs in some states was going to be a focus of the USDA as it’s so hard to get a population under control after it’s firmly established. Wild hogs cause billions of dollars in damage in those 39 states, plus spread disease and have absolutely destroyed water tributaries in Texas. Hogs are very intelligent, so trapping them and hunting them is a lot harder than most people think.

Hogs aren’t as charming as wild horse apparently. There’s no Wild Pig Annie trying to stop the management attempts and there have been no movies made with titles like Spirit: Wild Pig of the West. At least not yet, thank God.

That’s my circle for the week. I find myself hungry for something with bacon in it, so will go root around in the fridge and see what I can find.

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