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Wyo 4-H’er pin display design lands on national website

Goshen County 4-H’er Brittany Randall created one of the first designs accepted by the 4-H Trend Spotters – a jacket capable of displaying members’ pins, name, state and club.

4-H Trend Spotters provides designs and ideas to sell at the National 4-H Council’s website and catalog-based store that offers apparel, supplies and resources to members.

Randall is an 11-year 4-H member and a senior at Southeast High School in Yoder. She joined 4-H at age 8 and credits much of her personal growth to membership.

“4-H has opened up so many opportunities for me,” Randall said. “I’ve gotten to travel to the capitol four different times for all different things. I’ve gotten to see different states and interact with youths from all across the nation and see what they do in their programs.”

Randall, using the prompt given by the Trend Spotters, designed a way to share her 4-H pride on a jacket because, she explained, “Most people just collect (their pins) and put them in a box, and they never get shown off to anyone.”

The jacket design impressed not only the Trend Spotters but also the National 4-H Council. Randall was invited to the National Council’s Youth @ Heart Day in Washington, D.C., in December. While there, she shared her 4-H story as the entire audience donned the black, soft-shell jacket that sports the pin design.

“They modified the design just a little bit by putting the cloverleaf on the collar instead of on the right side where I had put it,” explained Randall. “You can still have your name and state or club on the right side and then on the left side is all black, so that’s where you put your pins.”

Her presentation prompted an invitation to return to Washington and participate in the National 4-H Agri-Science Summit in January.

As a senior member, she spends considerable time mentoring youths helping to foster the next generation of 4-H’ers.

The jacket is for sale at the 4-H Mall http://bit.ly/4hpridejacket. It comes inboth men’s and women’s sizes. F

–UW Extension

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