Brand dept seeking updated addresses |

Brand dept seeking updated addresses

The Wyoming Livestock Board Brand Recording Unit recently completed address verification on all livestock brand records. There are approximately 1,241 addresses that are no longer deliverable. We are reaching out in order to update our brand records.

You may receive an address verification letter in the mail, if the address currently recorded on your brand record was listed as undeliverable.

Updated verified addresses were used to send out your letter; however, until you personally update your address, we cannot change any information in your brand record. Review your brand records and make sure your addresses, phone numbers and email contact are up to date. If your brand renewal comes back and we have an alternate way to contact you, we will attempt to contact you via those contacts.

Email addresses can be added on the address change form. However, if you add an email address, please be sure to make it legible. (Please print those out) Change of Address forms can be found on our website at under brand recording or call us at 307-777-7515 and we will send a form to you. Please submit those forms to the Wyoming Livestock Board, 1934 Wyott Dr., Cheyenne, WY 82002 or email Change of Address forms to there is no charge to update your address. The person requesting the change must be listed on the brand record, however, please call with any questions. We are required to scan all documents associated with your brand into the brand data base so we will need all changes to the address updates in writing. Our next brand renewal period starts in the summer of 2020 and ends March 1, 2021. Transfers/Legal recording changes to any brand is a separate transaction and can be done at any time if the brand is current.

–Wyoming Livestock Board


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