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Wyo. Dept of Ag pleased with 2012 census

CHEYENNE (February 20, 2014) – The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) 2012 Census of Agriculture Preliminary Report was released today and it paints a positive picture of the agriculture industry in the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming remained the state with the largest average size farm and ranch in the country at 2,586 acres per farm. The number of farms in Wyoming has grown from 11,069 in 2007 to 11,742 in 2012 with the largest increase coming in smaller operations from 1-49 acres. Along with this, the cash value of agricultural products in Wyoming rose from $1.15 billion in 2007 to $1.69 billion in 2012 with the largest crop value increase in the country over that span.

“These statistics show that the Wyoming agriculture industry is not only strong, but growing,” said Jason Fearneyhough, Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. “With more farms and ranches, more land in agriculture, a strong economic impact, and increased production, Wyoming agriculture continues to move in a positive direction that helps provide food and fiber to Wyoming and the growing population of the world.”

“This data also shows the resiliency of our Wyoming producers,” said Fearenyhough. “In the face of significant challenges and adversity from floods, drought, and increased burdens from regulation, they found ways to push forward and thrive.”

“Agriculture continues to have a significant contribution to the state of Wyoming and we look forward to assisting farmers and ranchers in growing their businesses,” said Cindy Garretson-Weibel, Director of the Agribusiness Division of the Wyoming Business Council. F

–Wyoming Dept of Ag