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Wyo. Governor: opportunities in Asia for Wyoming’s top three industries, energy, tourism and agriculture

Governor Matt Mead met with several key leaders from industry and government during his trade mission to South Korea and Taiwan. Governor Mead has just returned from those visits. Both South Korea and Taiwan have potential to expand benefits to Wyoming’s top three industries, energy, tourism and agriculture. Governor Mead focused on those three areas during stops in both countries.

“South Korea and Taiwan will increase imports of coal, natural gas and uranium in the coming years. As a leading producer of those energy sources, Wyoming must continue to develop relationships with both these countries and others as well. Countries that need our energy are valuable partners in any effort to export coal, natural gas or uranium,” Governor Mead said. The Governor met with executives from utilities, power producing companies, trade groups, a large bank, Taiwan’s largest importer of American beef and government officials during the trade mission. In South Korea, Governor Mead also spoke at the World Energy Congress, which takes place every three years. “I was well received because Wyoming has a global reputation for its abundant resources and for developing these resources responsibly.”

Governor Mead met with the President of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou. President Ma noted that Wyoming is a significant trading partner for his country. “In 2012 Wyoming had one of the highest rates of growth in exports. My visit with the President of Taiwan reinforced to me that growing our economy is not an effort that comes from a single trip. This needs to be a widespread push and long-term commitment. I appreciate that the Legislature supports expanding exports,” Governor Mead said.

In Taiwan, Governor Mead also attended the country’s largest travel trade show. The United States now allows Taiwanese tourists and business men and women to visit the country without a visa. “Wyoming contains world famous destinations and by promoting them we increase visitation and lengthen the time tourists spend in our state. I believe we will see more tourists from Asia coming to the U.S. and now to Wyoming. Additionally, having taken the time and made the effort to visit, it will be easier for us to do business with South Korean and Taiwanese companies. I am excited about the possibilities that may result from this trade mission,” Governor Mead said.

–Office of the Governor