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Wyoming, Oklahoma COOL bills fall away

According to Bobby Giesse, a Wyoming rancher and president of the Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming, the country of origin labeling bill for meat that passed the House Ag Committee last week was not heard before the full House before the deadline so it will has effectively died.

“We at ICOW will continue to follow COOL legislation and fight to get legislation introduced next year. In the meantime, I personally have plans to meet with numerous grocers, retailers, consumers and others in an attempt to streamline COOL for all concerned,” he said.

The Oklahoma country of origin placard bill met a similar fate – it was not heard before the committee before the final day of bill introduction.

“The bill did not fail. It was never voted on in committee. There were many bills unheard in committees in the state legislature this session due to the shortage of time. The Oklahoma legislature held several special sessions to meet on the state budget which continued as an ongoing problem carried over from last session and into this one where it was finally settled. The state budget took precedence over all legislation until it was resolved. Representative Newton was also hampered by a loss of three days at the state capitol last week, when it was shut down due to icy road conditions,” said R-CALF USA’s Tatum Lee.

Lee said that members of Oklahoma’s new cattlemen’s group, the Oklahoma Independent Cattlegrowers Association plan to support a similar bill in next year’s legislature.

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