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Wyo Stock Growers Land Trust completes easement

The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust (WSGLT) completed a conservation easement on the LaPrele Creek Ranch on December 30, 2016. The 515 acre property is located southwest of Douglas and adds to three other ranches conserved by the WSGLT in Converse County, Little Deer Creek Ranch, Horseshoe Bend Ranch, and Creek Bend Ranch, which shares LaPrele’s northern border.

Bo Alley, Executive Director of the WSGLT commented on the closing saying, “So many ag operations in Wyoming rely on the use of multiple units throughout the year. The LaPrele Creek ranch unit is an integral part of a larger agricultural operation that includes Creek Bend Ranch, which we conserved portions of in 2014. Conserving contiguous units is not only beneficial for the future of Wyoming agriculture, it has the added benefit of keeping larger ecosystems intact.”

Both ranches are encompassed by the North Laramie Range Crucial Priority Area, based on Wyoming Game and Fish Department data, and the conservation easement will protect a migration corridor for elk. The easement will also help ensure the protection of clean water sources including a tributary of LaPrele Creek, and natural springs that offer year round water sources for livestock and wildlife.

Reid Lance Rosenthal, Wyoming rancher and author, spoke about the conservation of the property in addition to previously conserved areas, “The ranch enjoys unique topography, resources, and occupies miles of key position in the LaPrele Creek valley skyline and watershed. It is critical to both our spring pasture regimen, and as winter habitat to a variety of ungulate species. We are again delighted to work with the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust on preserving these special lands for future generations of people and critters!”

–Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust

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