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Wyoming equestrian ranch fetches $10 million

On Aug. 23, 2012, most of Wyoming’s widespread Snowy Range Ranch sold at auction. Forty eight registered bidders from four states took part in the sale. Fifteen of the 17 available tracts, all located near Laramie, WY brought exactly $10,006,580. The tracts ranged from 25 to 7,624 acres.

“We were pleased with the Snowy Range Ranch auction and the total sales volume it generated,” said Scott Shuman of Hall and Hall Auction. “There were around 150 folks in attendance, with thirteen successful bidders on fifteen tracts.”

Snowy Range Ranch features four homes, including a manager’s home and an owner’s estate, a world-class horse breeding facility, two hangars, a 2,200 foot landing strip, a concrete helicopter pad, updated barns, corrals, shipping facilities and a number of other operational buildings. The trout fishing on the property is excellent, and a large elk, deer, and antelope population roams the ranch.

“Snowy Range Ranch was one of those once-in-a-generation Wyoming auctions,” said Shuman. “It is an incredibly productive cattle and equine ranch, and the wildlife is as good as it gets.” F

-Hall and Hall Auctions

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