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Wyoming: Grazing management field day June 16 near Dayton

Grazing management field day June 16 near Dayton

Identifying important rangeland plants, how soils affect what grows and learning about animal unit months and days are part of a grazing management field day Saturday, June 16, at the Amsden Creek Wildlife Habitat Management Area near Dayton.

The free sessions are 10 a.m.-3 p.m., said Blaine Horn, University of Wyoming Extension educator.

Morning topics are rangeland plant identification and their growth characteristics, if they are palatable to livestock and how they respond to grazing; and how soil characteristics affect what plants are present and how well they grow. There is a soil texturing activity.

Afternoon sessions are rangeland production and what the allowable amount for livestock and horse grazing would be and why, with hands-on assessments; the daily amount of forage livestock require and how this relates to Animal Unit Months and Animal Unit Days; a hands-on activity to determine the area needed to provide an AUD’s amount of forage; grazing management practices to maintain or improve condition, better use of the forage resources and animal production improvement.

Registration is requested by Wednesday, June 13. Bottled water and soda will be provided but attendees should bring a sack lunch. Contact Horn at 307-684-7522 to register or for more information.

–UW Extension Service

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